Pittsburgh Architecture File

The Pittsburgh Architecture file consists of index cards containing information about specific buildings, architectural styles, areas, building types, houses, and other structures built in the Pittsburgh region during the 20th Century. Consulting this file with a librarian is the first step to finding information about a particular structure. The information on these index cards varies in degree of detail. Some cards refer to journal articles, citations in books, and the architect or the designer. Some cards indicate that there is a corresponding clippings file folder, called The Pittsburgh Architecture Information File, a collection of newspaper and magazine clippings and other ephemera. Carnegie Library art librarians collected these documents before the development of the Internet. This file includes rare and unique items not easily found in other places.

For further information about the Pittsburgh Architecture File, contact the Reference Services Department.

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Pittsburgh Architecture
1000 California (Northside)
1000 Grandview Condominiums
121 Ninth St.
1370 Washington Pike (Bridgeville)
146 45th St. (Lawrenceville)
1902 Landmark Tavern
200 West North Ave. (Northside)
411 Grand Plaza
415 Stratton Lane (Shadyside)
518 Emerson St.
525 William Penn Place (Mellon Building)
5742 Fifth Ave. Condos
5807 Fifth Ave. Condos
614 Bellefont Street (Shadyside)
6568 Fifth Ave. (Point Breeze)
826 Lincoln Ave.
841 N. Lincoln Ave (Northside)
Academy Place (Glen Osborne)
Air Tool Parts and Service Co. (Smallman St)
Alcoa Building (Downtown)
Alcoa Building (Northside)
Alcoa Building (proposed, East General Robinson St., Northside)
Alequippa Terrace
All Saints Church (Etna)
Allegheny Cemetery
Allegheny City Hall
Allegheny Community College
Allegheny County Airport
Allegheny County Courthouse & Jail
Allegheny County Morgue
Allegheny General Hospital
Allegheny International Inc. Proposed Headquarters
Allegheny Observatory
Allegheny Tower Apartments
Allegheny West (Northside)
Allegheny-Kiski Valley Heritage Museum (Tarentum)
Allison Elementary School (Wilkinsburg)
Alpha Terrace (Highland Park)
Aluise, John & Angela House (Bellevue)
Aluminum Company of America Building
Alzheimer’s Alliance Care & Research Center (proposed)
American Institute of Architects
Ammons, Tom Home (Hampton Twp.)
Anderson Manor (Manchester)
Apartment Building (Alder & S. Highland)
Apartment House (Shadyside)
APICS Castle
Appletree Bed & Breakfast
Architects Workshop
Architectural Club
Armstrong Cork Co. – Armstrong Square (Strip District)
Armstrong, Richard House
Armstrong, Robert III (Covert Rd., Lawrence County near New Castle)
Arrott Building (Downtown)
Art Deco
Art Moderne
Arts & Crafts
Aspinwall Presbyterian Church
Atlantic Financial Building
Atlantic Refining Co.
Atrium (Oakland)
Avery Church (Northside)
B’Nai Israel Synagogue (E. Liberty)
Bair, Harry S. (East End Ave.)
Baker, F. J. Torrance House (Sewickley)
Ballay, Joe (Penn Hills)
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Bank of Pittsburgh (John Chislett, arch)
Bank, The
Barrow, Joseph L. Home (Manchester)
Bath Houses
Beatty Mansion (5135 Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside)
Beauchamp, James & L. Perfido (Pembroke Place & St. James St.)
Bed & Breakfasts
Bedford County
Beechview House
Bell Federal Savings & Loan (Wood & Oliver St.)
Bellefield Dwellings
Bellefield Presbyterian Church (5th & Thackeray)
Bellefield Towers
Bellefonte Place (Shadyside)
Bellman, Sonny & Donny House (Sewickley)
Benedum Center for the Performing Arts
Berndtson, Peter Designed House (Ben Avon)
Berndtson, Peter Designed House (Warwick Terrace, Squirrel Hill)
Berndtson, Peter House (West Mifflin)
Bernt, Benno and Connie House (Schenley Road Townhouses)
Beth Shalom Synagogue
Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church
Birmingham Towers
Birmingham United Church of Christ
Blackadore, Isaac Home (Penn Hills)
Blier, Rocky Home (Fox Chapel)
Board of Public Education Building
Boggs, R. H. Mansion (W. North Ave., Northside)
Bossart-Osterman House (Murraysville)
Bost Building
Braddock Hills Center #2
Braddock Post Office
Brady Street Bridge Cafe
Brake House Lofts ((2501 Liberty Ave., Strip District)
Brandau, Jeff & Judith House (Manchester, Northside)
Brashear, John House (1954 Perrysville Ave.)
Brookline Park Arch and “Wall of Fame”
Brooks, Judson Home (Edgeworth)
Brown, Mansfield (602 Poplar Way, Carnegie)
Brush Creek United Church of Christ
Buhl Building (5th Ave.)
Buhl Planetarium
Buhl Science Center
Buhl, Christian Home (Zelienople)
Buncher Co. Building (Leetsdale)
Burke Building
Butler (General)
Butler City Building
Butler County Courthouse
Butler County Office Building
Button, Lamont H. Home
Byham Theater
Byrnes & Kiefer Building
Calvary Episcopal Church
Calvary United Methodist Church (Northside)
Campbell, Mrs. Margaret Home (Sewickley)
Cannonsburg House
Cappellis, Frank & Paddy (Northside)
Capretto, Robert & Jackie (Oakmont)
Card, William Warren Mansion
Carlow College
Carnahan-Sellars House (400 Shady Ave.)
Carnegie Free Library (Carnegie)
Carnegie Free Library (McKeesport)
Carnegie Institute – Original building
Carnegie Institute – Original building, pictures
Carnegie Institute. Sarah Scaife Gallery
Carnegie Library of Braddock
Carnegie Library of Homestead
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Allegheny Regional Branch
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Business Branch
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. East Liberty Branch
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Homewood Branch
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Lawrenceville Branch
Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University. College of Fine Arts Building
Carnegie Mellon University. Department of Architecture
Carnegie Mellon University. Fraternity Houses
Carnegie Mellon University. Margaret Morrison Technical School for Women
Carnegie Mellon University. Mellon Institute
Carnegie Mellon University. Science Hall
Carnegie Mellon University. Student Center
Carnegie Office Building
Carnegie Science Center
Carnegie, Andrew – Braemer Cottage, Cresson
Carpenter House (Boyce Park)
Casey’s Row
Casino Theater (Vandergrift)
Caslake, Sydney & Betty (South Side)
Center City Tower
Center for Organ Recovery & Education (RIDC Park, Hampton)
Century Building (Downtown)
Charette - Index to v. 2-30
Charles, Ed & Bea House
Chatham Center
Chatham College
Chatham Village
Children’s Hospital
Children's Museum
Childs, Harvey House (718 Devonshire St.)
Christ Methodist Church (Bethel Park)
Church of the Ascension
Church of the Nativity (Crafton)
Churches. General
City Theatre (former Duquesne Brewery, former United Methodist Church)
City-County Building
Civic Arena
Civic Garden Center
Clark Building (Downtown)
Clark, James Home (Fox Chapel)
Clarke, Charles T. Home, “Alicia”
CNG Towers
Cochran, Keith and Mary Mazziotti House (West End)
Coe, Russell Home (Sewickley)
Colfax School
Collins Cigar Co.
Colonial Supply Co. Building (First Ave.)
Colonial Trust Company Building
Columbia Health Center (Wilkinsburg)
Commerce Court Building (Station Square)
Commercial Hotel
Community College of Allegheny College
Community Design Center of Pittsburgh
Comstock Center (Ft. Duquesne Blvd.)
Conestoga Building
Congregation Talmud Torah Synagogue (South Side)
Connelley Trade School
Constantin Pontiac Building
Convention Centers
Copeland Street Apartment House
Corporate One Office Park (Monroeville)
Corpus Christi Residence (7165 Churchland St.)
Courier Buiding (Centre & Heldman St.)
Cove Place (Glen Hazel)
Crafton High School
Craig Square Shops
Croghan-Schenley House, “Picnic House” (Stanton Heights)
Danforth, Bill & Lettie (Fox Chapel)
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Davies, J. C. (Johnstown)
Defense Housing
Dennis, William K. Home (O’hara Twp.)
Deutschtown (Northside)
Devico, George & Cecilia (Greensburg)
Di Iorio (Sewickley)
DiFiore, Anthony House (206 W. North Ave.)
Dilworth Elementary School
Dithridge House (220 N. Dithridge-condos)
Dixon, Martin House (Mt. Lebonon)
Doctors House (Butler)
Dodds, Robert & Deborah Home (Downtown)
Dolan, Patty & Jim House ("Ruudhaven", Fox Chapel)
Dollar Savings & Trust Co. Building (4th Ave Downtown)
Dome Homes
Donaldson, R. T. House (Crafton)
Dravo Building
Droz, Dan House (Squirrel Hill)
Duquesne Brewery
Duquesne Club
Duquesne Incline
Duquesne University. A. J. Palumbo Center
Duquesne University. College of Arts & Sciences
Dykeman, Mary (514 Alpine St., Northside)
East Liberty
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
East Liberty Station of the Pennsylvania Railroad
East Pittsburgh Municipal Building
Edgehill House (Sewickley)
Edgewood High School
Eickhoff-America Corp. (RIDC Park)
Elizabeth Glass Workshop
Elk’s Lodge II (Lincoln Place)
Elliott & Gruen House (Ligonier)
Ellis School
Ellsworth Center
Elm Court (Butler) Home – 1928 B.D. Phiilips – 1978 Burget – 1984 Frederick Koch
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh Respite Center (South Side)
Equibank Building
Erickson, Sumner (Mt. Washington)
Evans Home (1452 Beechwood Blvd.)
Evanson, Jacob & Mildred (Highmont Rd.)
Evergreen Hamlet
Exposition Buildings
Fairfax Apartments
Falk Clinic
Family House (Neville St.)
Farmer’s Bank Building/Farmer’s Deposit & National Bank
Feng Shui
Ferguson, J. Robert Home (Sewickley)
Fifth Avenue High School
Fifth Avenue Place
Firehouse #7 Offices (Strip District)
Firestone Building (Roup & Baum Blvd., Friendship)
First & Market Building (Shields Building)
First Baptist Church (Bellefield Ave.)
First Church of Christ, Scientist (201 N. Dithridge)
First Lutheran Church (Downtown)
First National Bank (Wood St. & 5th Ave.)
First Presbyterian Church (6th Ave., Downtown)
First United Methodist Church (Centre & Aiken)
Firstside (Downtown)
Fisher, John G. House (2119 Sarah St. -Morning Glory Inn, South Side)
Fisher, Sherrye House (Northside)
Fitting, Christopher & Karen
Florian, Dick & Cathy (New Brighton, Beaver County)
Flynn, Karen & Jay (O'Hara)
Food Gallery (Centre Ave)
Forbes Allies Center
Forbes Field
Forbes Metropolitan Health Center
Forbes National Bank
Fore Systems Headquarters (Thorn Hill Industrial Park)
Fort Couch Tower
Fort Necessity/National Road Interpretive and Education Center (proposed)
Fort Pitt Commons
Fort Pitt Hotel
Fort Pitt Museum
Forward-Shady Apartments (Squirrel Hill)
Fourth Ave. Historic District (Downtown)
Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church
Fox Hall Condominiums
Francey, E. E. House
Frank’s Cafe
Freedom Corner (Centre Ave. & Crawford St.)
Freight House Shops
Fresh Energies Theatre (Homestead)
Frick Building
Frick Estate (Clayton- Homewood & Penn)
Frick Park Entrance
Froggy’s Restaurant (formerly Watson’s Tavern)
Fulton Building
Fulton Cabin (log) (Upper St. Clair Twp.)
Funeral Homes
Gallatin Mansion (Uniontown)
Garden Theatre (Northside)
Gas Stations
Gaslight Club (738 Bellefonte St.)
Gateway Center
Gateway Center #5 Steelworker’s Plaza
Gateway Towers (Downtown)
Gateway Townhouses (Homewood)
Geneva College
Gilfillan, Alexander House (Upper St. Clair)
Gillespie, D. L. House
Giovannitti, Francis A. (Woodland Rd.)
Gladstone Elementary School
Glass Storefronts
Good Samaritan Chapel
Grace United Evangelical Church (Wilkinsburg)
Graf, Mary Ann & Ed House (Lockhart St., Northside)
Granada Theatre
Grandview Hotel (proposed)
Granite Building (6th & Wood)
Grant Building
Great House Sale
Greater Faith Tabernacle Church of God in Christ (550 N. Homewood Ave.)
Greater Pittsburgh International Airport (Midfield Terminal)
Green Building Alliance
Greene County
Greensburg Palace Theater
Greiner, Matt & Susan (Crafton)
Greystone (5th Ave.)
Grimes, Gary House (Point Breeze)
Gulf Building (Downtown)
Gwinner-Harter Mansion (Shadyside)
Hamlet, The (2201 Babcock Blvd.)
Hanna, Robert Log House
Hannan, Robert W. House (East End)
Harbaugh-Grafflin House (Sewickley)
Harley, Thomas & Patrice (Indiana)
Harmar Business Center
Harmony House (Slippery Rock)
Harris Theater (Downtown)
Harris, Franco House (Northside)
Hartwood Acres (Mary Flinn Lawrence Estate)
Harvard-Yale-Princeton Club
Haymaker Mansion (Export)
Heinz Co.
Heinz Field
Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts
Heinz Hall Plaza
Heinz, H. J. Mansion (Penn Ave.)
Henderson-Metz House (Warren St., Northside)
Herbst, John Home
Herbst, Regis (home - office)
Herwald, Seymour House (Churchill)
Hetzel, Frederick House
High Spire (Oakmont)
Highland Building
Highland Park (area)
Highland Park Reservoir Microfiltration Plant
Highland Towers
Hill District
Hillel Jewish University Center
Hillman Cancer Center
Hillman Estate (5th Ave.)
Hillman, Ernest Hill ‘n Dale (Fox Chapel)
Hilton Hotel
Hindu Temple (615 Illini Dr. Monroeville)
Historic Preservation
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
Hoffman, W. H. House
Holiday Inn (Oakland)
Holmes Court
Holmes House for Boys (Northside)
Holmes Place Development (S. Oakland)
Holmes, Letitia Caldwell (Brighton Rd.)
Holy Family Roman Catholic Church (Latrobe)
Holy Rosary School (Homewood)
Homewood Cemetery
Hooten, Tom & Mary House (Adams, Butler County)
Horne, Joseph House (Point Breeze)
Hornell, Alan & Lori House (Squirrel Hill)
Hosey, James House
House - - Mitchell/Ritchey
House (Edgewood Park) - - King
House (North Park) - - Hall
House Histories
House Tours
Howard Johnsons (Oakland)
Howe-Childs-Gateway House (5th Ave., Shadyside)
Humphrey, A. L. (Edgewood)
Hunt, Alfred M. (4875 Ellsworth)
Hyeholde Countryhouse & Restaurant
I.C. Light Amphitheatre
IBM Building
Ihmsen Building (South Side)
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
Imperial Theater (Connellsville)
Independence Court (Oakland)
Inn at Georgian Place (Somerset)
Irish, C. D. Building
Iroquois Building
Irwin, Col. John Home (Irwin)
Irwin, John A. House (Irwin Ave.)
Jackson Log Cabin (Penn Hills)
Jacksonia Condominiums
James H. Reed Building
Jenkins Arcade
Jewish Community Center (proposed) (Squirrel Hill)
Johnny Costa Center for the Performing Arts (Arnold, PA)
Jon and Robert Shoop Home (Oakmont)
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Office Building
Jones & Laughlin Steel Plant (South Side)
Jones, B. F. (Sewickley)
Jones, B. F. Jr. (Ridge & Irwin Ave.)
Junior League Headquarters (N. Bellefield)
Jurecko, Toby Home (Wexford)
Kaiser, Lloyd House (Oakmont)
Katz Plaza
Katz, Agnes Plaza (Penn Ave. & 7th St., Downtown, proposed)
Kaufmann & Baer Department Store (later Gimbels)
Kaufmann Department Store
Kaufmann Mansion (Cedar Ave.)
Kaufmann, E. J. House
Keenan Building
Kendall, Jacob L. (5th Ave. & Beechwood Blvd.)
Kennywood Park
Kentuck Knob (Chalk Hill)
Kentucky Negley Apartments
Kenyon Theater
Kern, Robert House
Kerr House (Oakmont)
Kerr, Christopher & Michael Santmyer House (Manchester)
Keystone Bank
Kidney, Walter (author)
Kiel, Jacob House (5314 Westminster Place – Shadyside)
King, Robert Burns Estate (Highland Park)
Kirkpatrick, Robert House (Bradfordwoods)
Klein, Alicia & Michael (“wellhouse,” Emerson & Sellers St.)
Klett, Edwin House (Mt. Lebanon)
Knox, James T. (Fox Chapel)
Koerner, Henry Home (Negley Hill)
Koppers Building
Kossman Building (Forbes & Stanwix, Downtown)
Kramer, Elliott House (Mexican War Sts., Northside)
Krena, John & Carol House
Kudravy, John (Frick Park)
Lacey, Charles H., Jr. House (Northside)
Lafayette House (proposed) (Butler)
Landmarks Building (Station Square)
Langenheim, Gustav Mansion
Langley High School
Larimer House (Circleville)
LaRoche College – College Center
Lastooka, John & Della Home (Washington Co.)
Lawrence Paint Building
Lawrence, Jim & Kate Home
Lawyer’s Title Building
Lazarus (5th & Wood, Downtown)
Learning, Research & Development Center
Lehman, Irvin F. House (Fox Chapel)
Leishman, John G. A. House (820 Devonshire St., Shadyside)
LeMoyne House (Washington)
Lenehan, Kevin House (Sewickley Heights)
Leona (to 1974 Fresh Energies) Theatre
Liberty Center
Lieb, Dan House (South Side)
Linden Avenue Public School
Linden Grove Dance Hall (Castle Shannon)
Linden Hall
Lochnoc Farms (Ligonier)
Loew's Waterfront Theater (Homestead)
Log Homes
Longue Vue Golf Club
Lutheran Church (Wilkinsburg)
Lyceum Theatre
MacGregor House (5707 Fair Oaks)
MacHarg, Mr. & Mrs. David P. Home (Sharon)
Magee Recreation Center (Greenfield)
Magee, Christopher, “Green Gardens” (1006 Watson St.)
Magnotti, Pat
Mamaux Building (First Avenue, Downtown)
Manchester Youth Development Center (proposed)
Mann’s Hotel (McKees Rocks)
Manor Building (Downtown)
Maple Manor (Meyersdale)
Maridon Museum (Butler)
Market Square
Marquis Office Plaza (Robinson Township)
Marsico, Dennis & Linda House (Fox Chapel)
Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Center (proposed)
Martin, Donna & Jeff (North Point Breeze)
Martino, John & Jana House (Rochester, Beaver County)
Masonic Temple
Massingill, Garth Home (Ligonier)
McAllister, Byron Home (Forest Hills)
McBeth, Wayne & Lucille (Bradfordwoods)
McCann, John & Leah (Fox Chapel)
McClelland, James H. Home/Sunnyledge (5th Ave. Shadyside)
McCook Mansion
McCully House (Monroeville)
McDonald’s (Downtown)
McFerrin, Zack & Marcy (Palo Alto St.)
McGranahan Residence
McGuire, Tom (House)
McKees Rocks Terrace
McKelvey House (Squirrel Hill)
Meason, Isaac House (Fayette County)
Mechanic’s National Bank
Medical Arts Building (Oakland)
Mellon Bank (514 Smithfield St.)
Mellon Bank Building (Swissvale)
Mellon Client Service Center
Mercy Hospital – Holy Family Chapel
Methodist Episcopal Building
Methodist Episcopal Church (Greensburg)
Mexican War Streets
Meyer, Tom & Sharon (Jackson Twp., Butler County)
Meyer-Jonassen Building (department store) (606 Liberty Ave.)
Miles, Sally Home (Sellers Way, Shadyside)
Milinski, Robert (Mt. Washington)
Millberg & Marks Residence (Shadyside)
Miller, (James or Oliver) Homestead (South Park)
Mine Safety Appliances Headquarters (O’hara)
Minnetonka Building (Walnut St., Shadyside)
Mishler Theatre (Altoona)
Moltrup, Stephen House (Beaver Falls)
Monongahela Incline
Monongahela National Bank (Penn Ave. & Ninth St.)
Monroeville Municipal Building
Moore, Robert & John Log House (Rostraver)
Moorhead, William B. House (Moon Township)
Moose Hall (Penn Ave.)
Morse School Site Housing Development for the Elderly (South Side)
Mortuary Chapel (West View)
Motor Square Garden (E. Liberty
Mount Lebanon
Mount Lebanon Plaza
Mount Lebanon United Presbyterian Church
Mount St. Peter Roman Catholic Church
Mount Washington
Mount Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
Mulert, Jeanne & Scotti House (Mt. Lebanon)
Mullen, Jack (Dunmoyle St., Squirrel Hill)
Municipal Courts Facility
Munson Hotel
Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. John (Pleasant Hills)
Murray Hill Avenue (Squirrel Hill)
Music Hall (Point)
National Steel Building (Stanwix & Fort Pitt Blvd.)
Nativity Lutheran Church
Neill Log House (Schenley Park)
Nemacolin Woodlands
Neville, Gen. John House (Woodville)
Nevin Row (N. Lincoln & Galveston, Allegheny West, Northside)
New Castle
New Davis Theatre
New Kensington City Hall
Newmyer School (Swissvale)
Newsboy’s Home
Niepp, Fred Jr. Home (Elliott)
North Hills
Northside House Tours
O’Connor Square (Hazelwood)
O’Reilly, Anthony J. F. House (Fox Chapel)
Oak Hill
Oakmont Carnegie Library
Observatory Hill
Oesterling, Everett F. Jr. House (Point Breeze)
Office Buildings
Old Economy
Old Stone Church (Monroeville)
Olive Grange (Mingo Rd., Marshall Twp.)
Oliver Bath House
Oliver Building
Oliver, Henry W. (Galveston & Ridge St., Northside)
Oliver, J. B. (701 Ridge Ave.)
One Mellon Bank Center
One Monroeville Center
One Oliver Plaza
Osterling Flats (3603-3607 California Ave., Brighton Heights)
Osterling Studio & Office
Otto, Gary (Beech & Allegheny Ave.)
Owens, J. Donald House (Ross Twp.)
Oxford Center
Painter, Clarke House (Edgeworth)
Palimeri, Ralph (dome house) (Leech Farm)
Park Building
Park Mansions Apartments
Park Place Condominium (proposed, Squirrel Hill)
Parker House (Bayard St., Oakland)
Parkins, Loretta & Arthur (Murrysville)
Patterson, Richard & Susan (Economy, Beaver Co.)
Penn Avenue (Bloomfield-Garfield)
Penn Center West One
Penn Garrison Apartments (Penn Ave., Downtown)
Penn-Highland Building
Pennley Park Apartments
Penn-Liberty Historic District
Pennsalt Historic District
Pennsylvania Railroad Fort Wayne Station (Allegheny)
Pennsylvania Railroad Station & Rotunda
Penzer, Judy Home
Perry High School
Perry High School
Perry Theater
Perrysville Ave. (1909 - Northside)
Peters, Chuck & Georgie
Pgh. Architecture (General)
Philadelphia Company Building
Phipps Building Natatorium (swimming pool)
Phipps Conservatory
Phipps, Lawrence Residence (“Grandview”)
Pitt Building (Smithfield St.)
Pittsburgh Athletic Association
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Headquarters (Strip District)
Pittsburgh Children's Museum
Pittsburgh City Center (proposed)
Pittsburgh Home Savings and Loan Association (438 Wood St., Downtown)
Pittsburgh International Airport
Pittsburgh National Bank
Pittsburgh Office & Research Park
Pittsburgh Oratory/Ryan Catholic Newman Center
Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Place
Pittsburgh Playhouse
Pittsburgh Press Building
Pittsburgh Public Theater (proposed)
Pittsburgh Regional History Center
Pittsburgh Sports Garden
Pittsburgh Technology Center
Pittsburgh Wool Co.
Platts, Jim (Wexford)
PNC Bank
PNC Park
Point Breeze
Point Park College (downtown)
Point View Residences (proposed )
Police Stations
Post Office & Court House (4th & Smithfield)
Prairie School Style
Presbyterian-University Hospital
Prescott, Miles Home (Fox Chapel)
Pringle, Thomas House
Priory (St. Mary’s) Hotel
Program for Female Offenders Center (Oakland)
Prospect Middle School
Public Safety Complex
Railroad Stations
Rea, H. R. House (Sewickley)
Rea, M. Pollard (Sewickley)
Rea, William Residence (Woodland Rd., Beatty Hall)
Red Cross/R. T. Patterson Co. Building (Third Ave.)
Regal Shoe Company Building
Regent Theatre (Penn Ave.) (E. Liberty)
Regional Enterprise Tower
Reiswig, Rita & Gary Home (Hays St.)
Renaissance I & II
Rhodes, Joshua Home (920 N. Lincoln Ave., Allegheny West)
Rhodes, Joshua Home (Victoria House Bed & Breakfast, Allegheny West)
RIDC Parks
Righter, Richard Residence
Rite Aid (Forbes & Murray Ave, Squirrel Hill, proposed)
Rite Aid (Mount Washington)
Ritz-Carlton Hotel (proposed) (Mt. Washington)
Ritz-Carlton Hotel (Steel Plaza development)
Riverfront Center
Robert Morris College
Roberts, John M. & Sons Co. Store
Robinson Learning Center Extension
Robinson, W. C. House (Sewickley)
Rodef Sholem Synagogue
Rodgers, William Berlean (Bellevue)
Rogers, James E. Elementary School
Rolling Rock Country Club
Rolling Rock Stables
Ross, David House (Shadyside)
Ross, Joseph C., Jr. Home (Shadyside)
Rovida House (Elizabeth Twp.)
Rueter, Carol Home (Harmony)
Ruh, Edward & Beth House (Shadyside)
Sacred Heart Church (Shady Ave. & Walnut St.)
Saint Adalbert’s School (15th St., South Side)
Saint Anthony’s Chapel (Troy Hill)
Saint Anthony’s Church (Millvale)
Saint Anthony's Friary (226 Rostrevor Place, Ben Avon)
Saint Bernard (Mt. Lebanon)
Saint Boniface Roman Catholic Church (East St.)
Saint Brendan’s Church (Holland Ave., Braddock)
Saint Edmund’s Academy
Saint Francis de Sales (Chartiers Ave., McKees Rocks)
Saint Francis Xavier Church (California Ave., Northside)
Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church (Lawrenceville)
Saint Leo Church (Brighton Heights)
Saint Mark’s Chapel (Homestead)
Saint Mary Magdalene Church (Homestead)
Saint Mary of the Mount & School
Saint Mary’s Catholic Church (Pressley St., Northside)
Saint Mary’s Church (McKeesport)
Saint Michael’s Roman Catholic Church (Elizabeth)
Saint Michael's Condominiums (proposed, Pius St., South Side)
Saint Nicholas Chapel (Beaver)
Saint Nicholas Church (Millvale)
Saint Nicholas Church (Northside)
Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox (Oakland)
Saint Patrick’s Church (17th & Penn)
Saint Paul’s Cathedral (Oakland)
Saint Paul’s Monastery (South Side)
Saint Peter’s (Brownsville)
Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church (Oakland)
Saint Peter’s Parish House
Saint Peter’s Roman Catholic Church (South Side)
Saint Scholastica’s Church (Aspinwall)
Saint Stanislaus Church (21st & Smallman, Strip District)
Saint Thomas Church (Braddock)
Saint Thomas More Church (Bethel Park)
Saint Vincent College
Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church (Ambridge)
Saks Fifth Avenue
Salah El Din Farms (Brighton Twp, Beaver Co.)
Salvati, Frank (195 Glenwood Dr., Monroeville)
Salvation Army Headquarters
Sampson, Joedda (Renovated)
Samuel Land Co. Building (North Craig & Baum)
Sauer Buildings Historic District (Aspinwall)
Sauer, Louis House (St. James St.)
Scanlon, Paul (West Sunbury)
Schenley City (Oakland)
Schenley Farms (Oakland)
Schenley Farms House
Schenley High School
Schenley Hotel (Oakland)
Schenley Road Townhouses
Schenley Theater
School Buildings
School House Apartments (North Side)
Schwab Mansion (Jones Ave.-N. Braddock)
Schwab, Charles M. House (Loretto)
Sears Catalog Homes
Second National Bank
Sellers Mansion (Howe St. & College Ave., Shadyside)
Seneca Junior High School (Penn Hills)
Seton Hill College
Seven Springs Condominiums
Sewickley House Tour
Sewickley Municipal Building
Sewickley Post Office
Sewickley Presbyterian Church
Sewickley Valley Cultural Center
Shady Side Academy
Shadyside Bed & Breakfast (5516 Maple Heights Rd.)
Shadyside Historic District (proposed)
Shadyside House Tours
Shadyside Place (S. Aiken Ave.)
Shafagh, Sigrid House (5018 Penn Ave.)
Shakespeare's Restaurant
Shaw House (Butler)
Sheraton Motor Hotel at Station Square
Shields, James W. House (Irwin Ave.)
Shields, Thomas Leet House (Edgeworth)
Shoop House
Shouse, Peter House (Glenwillard/Shousetown)
Siedle, Otto C. House (Irwin Ave.)
Sikh Temple (Monroeville)
Silver Lake Commons (Homewood, proposed)
Sipe, C. Glenn House
Sisters of Charity Complex (Seton Hill)
Sisters of St. Joseph Chapel (Baden)
Slack, John C. Home (Sewickley)
Slick, Rob & Leroy Indorato House (Northside)
Smallman St., 2820
Smith, Vic House (Ligonier)
Smithfield United Church (Downtown)
Snyder, William P. House (Ridge Ave.)
Snyder, William P. House (Sewickley)
Sobel, Michael House (Shadyside)
Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
Soho School
Solar Energy
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
South Hills High School
South Hills Jewish Community Center
South Park Swimming Pool
South Side
South Side Baths
South Side Market House
South Vocational Technical High School
Spahr, A. H. House (Sewickley)
Spencer/Fairman Home (719 Amberson Ave.)
Speyer, Alex House (Point Breeze)
Squirrel Hill
Sri Venkateswara Temple (Penn Hills)
Stanley Theatre
State Office Building (Downtown)
Station Square
Steigerwald, John Home
Stengel, Godfrey House
Sterling Plaza
Stern, Carole & Louis (Connellsville)
Stern, Rick Home (Shadyside)
Strand Building
Strip Lofts
Strip, Down by the Riverside (proposed)
Subway Stations (Downtown)
Sullivan, Paul House
Summerset at Frick Park
Swan Acres (Babcock Blvd at Three Degree Rd.)
Swank, Albert M. (Johnstown)
Sweeney, Thomas & Gayle (Fox Chapel)
Syria Mosque
Syria Mosque (new)
Szymczak, Helen (House)
Tamburitzan Center
Tannler, Albert (author)
Tassaro, Steven Home (Roslyn Farms)
Taylor Allderdice High School
Terra Dei Homestead
Thaw, Mrs. William Jr. House (Sewickley Heights)
Thaw, William Jr. Mansion (Northside)
Thaw, William Sr. Residence “Lyndhurst” Estate (Beechwood Blvd.)
Theater Square
Theatre, The (Walnut St., Shadyside)
Third United Presbyterian Church (Shady Ave. & Northumberland St.)
Thompson, Arthur W. House (Ligonier)
Thornburg, Frank House (Thornburg)
Three Rivers Corporate Center (proposed)
Three Rivers Stadium
Timber Court (Northside)
Timber Loft (Bradfordwoods)
Times Building
Titelman, James & Roberta (Hollidaysburg)
Tradesmen’s Bank
Tree of Life Synagogue (Squirrel Hill)
Trimont (Mt. Washington)
Trinity Cathedral Church
Tripoli, Tom & Chris House (Welsh Way, South Side)
Tuberculosis League of Pgh. Headquarters
Two Mellon Bank Center
Tyburn Woods
Union Baptist Church (801 N. Negley)
Union National Bank Building
Union Trust Building
United States Coast Guard Quarters
United States Postal Service (1001 California Ave., Northside)
United States Steel (USX) Building
University Club
University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center
University of Pittsburgh. Biomedical Science Tower
University of Pittsburgh. Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh. Center for Biotechnology & Bioengineering
University of Pittsburgh. Charles L. Cost Sports Center
University of Pittsburgh. Dormitory (proposed)
University of Pittsburgh. Falk Clinic
University of Pittsburgh. Forbes Quadrangle
University of Pittsburgh. Gymnasium Building
University of Pittsburgh. Heinz Memorial Chapel
University of Pittsburgh. Hillman Library
University of Pittsburgh. Holland House (Music Dept.)
University of Pittsburgh. International Center
University of Pittsburgh. Log House
University of Pittsburgh. Men’s Dormitories
University of Pittsburgh. Mervis Hall
University of Pittsburgh. Multi-Purpose Academic Center (proposed)
University of Pittsburgh. Petersen Events Center
University of Pittsburgh. Salk Hall
University of Pittsburgh. School of Engineering
University of Pittsburgh. School of Medicine
University of Pittsburgh. School of Mines
University of Pittsburgh. William Pitt Union
University Technology Development Center
UPMC Center for Sports Medicine
UPMC Distribution Facility
UPMC Health System, proposed (Oakland)
USX Tower
Valentine Farms
Vess, Ramona Home (Shadyside)
Vesuvius Crucible Co.
Vicary (Ohio River Blvd., Freedom)
Victoria Hall (Winebiddle St.)
Victory Building
Victory-Harmon House (355 S. Highland Ave - Shadyside)
Villa at North Park Houses (2137 & 2143 South Villa Dr., Hampton)
Village of Shadyside
Vista International Pittsburgh Hotel
Wabash Railroad (Downtown)
Wagner-Ritter House (Johnstown)
Walker, William Home (Edgeworth/Sewickley Heights)
Walnut & Ivy Streets Building
Ward, James Jr. House
Warner Center
Washington County Courthouse
Washington Square (Mt. Lebanon)
Washington’s Landing
Watson Street Houses (near Courthouse)
Watson, Frazier House
Watson-Standard Co. Building (101 Wood St., Downtown)
Watt Elementary School
Webster Hall
Weigand, Kay & Roger (Mt. Lebanon)
Weiss, Louis
Weiss, Stacy House (Squirrel Hill)
Weller, J. E. House (Northside)
Werner, David & Mary Beth (916 Savannah Ave., Regent Square)
Wertheimer-Sipe House
West End
West End Methodist Episcopal Church
West Homestead Borough Building
West Penn Recreation Building (proposed) (Brereton Ave. & Thirtieth St.)
Western Pennsylvania Architectural Survey
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (209 4th Ave.)
Western Pennsylvania Institute for the Blind – Kindergarten Building
Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children
Westin Convention Center Hotel (proposed)
Westinghouse Air Brake Factory (Strip District)
Westinghouse Castle (Wilmerding)
Westinghouse High School
Westinghouse Telecomputer Center
Westminster Presbyterian Church (Upper St. Clair)
Westmoreland County
Whetstone & Parr Home (Walnut St., Shadyside)
White Tower
Wilkinsburg Post Office
Wilkinsburg Presbyterian Church
Wilkinsburg Railroad Station
William Penn Hotel
William Penn Theatre (Federal & Isabella St., Northside)
William S. Moorhead Towers
Williams, G. Thomas House (Sewickley)
Williams, Robert House (Manchester)
Willow Cottage (Woodland Rd.)
Winchester Condominiums (N. Neville St., Oakland)
Winchester-Thurston School
Woodside (Edgeworth)
Woodside Place (Oakmont)
Worthington, John House (5500 block Forbes Ave.)
YMCA (Allegheny Branch, West North Ave. & Monterey St.)
YMCA (Boulevard of the Allies)
YMCA (Sewickley)
YMCA (Wood St., Downtown)
YWCA (Thompson Rd., McCandless)
Zahorchak, Michael & Kathleen (Evans City, Butler County)
Zambrano, Eugene (Haverford Rd., Fox Chapel)
Zilliac, E. George Home
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