Pittsburgh Art Topics

The Pittsburgh Art Topics File is an extensive clippings collection containing information about art events, art galleries, art festivals, art organizations, and other subjects which have some connection to Pittsburgh. The key to this file is on index cards. Consulting the index cards with a librarian is the first step to finding information about a particular topic.
The clippings file includes catalogs, mounted pictures, newspaper and magazine clippings, postcards, and other ephemera. Carnegie Library art librarians collected these documents before the development of the Internet. This file includes rare and unique items not easily found in other places.
Coverage generally begins in the 1930’s and continues to around 2000.

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Pittsburgh Art Topics
Pgh. 16:62 Design Zone (Lawrenceville)
Pgh. Abstract Group
Pgh. African American Cultural Festival
Pgh. AIDS Awareness Day
Pgh. Allegheny Artists League (Containing The Paint Rag Newsletter)
Pgh. Allegheny Conference
Pgh. Allegheny County Cultural Alliance
Pgh. American Indian Art Society
Pgh. American Jewish Museum of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh
Pgh. Antique Show
Pgh. Antique Stores & Flea Markets
Pgh. Antiques
Pgh. Appraisers
Pgh. Architectural Antiques
Pgh. Art
Pgh. Art Advisors
Pgh. Art All Night (Lawrenceville)
Pgh. Art and Interior Design Show (Pgh. Civic Garden Center)
Pgh. Art Associations
Pgh. Art Beaver County
Pgh. Art Center (Butler)
Pgh. Art Centers
Pgh. Art Classes
Pgh. Art Commision
Pgh. Art Competitions
Pgh. Art Critics
Pgh. Art Dealers
Pgh. Art Exhibitions (name/date) (filed by date, 1920’s absent)
Pgh. Art Exhibitions. 19th century
Pgh. Art Exhibitions. New Europe Arts Festival 1993
Pgh. Art Exhibitions. Political Art 1986
Pgh. Art Exhibitions. Regatta Art Contest 1988
Pgh. Art Exhibitions. (Urban Pulses: The Artist and the City) 1983
Pgh. Art Federal Art Project
Pgh. Art Festivals. Aliquippa Embraces Art
Pgh. Art Festivals. Greater Monroeville Arts Festival
Pgh. Art Festivals. Jill Watson Festival Across the Arts
Pgh. Art Festivals. Mavuno Festival
Pgh. Art Festivals. Shadyside 1998-
Pgh. Art Festivals. Shadyside Summer Arts Fest (1974-75; 1992-93;1997)
Pgh. Art Festivals. Southside Saturday Scene
Pgh. Art Festivals. Three Rivers Arts Festival 1960-2003
Pgh. Art for AIDS Auction
Pgh. Art Galleries. 808 Penn Modern
Pgh. Art Galleries. Albright Galleries
Pgh. Art Galleries. Allegheny Court House Gallery/Forum
Pgh. Art Galleries. Alternative Art Space
Pgh. Art Galleries. American Mastercrafts Gallery (Ligonier)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Artery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Artists-in-Action
Pgh. Art Galleries. Artspace
Pgh. Art Galleries. Beyond the Horizon
Pgh. Art Galleries. Bird in the Hand Gallery (Sewickley)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Birmingham Loft
Pgh. Art Galleries. Blatent Image/Silver Eye Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Bloomfield Artworks
Pgh. Art Galleries. Blue Ruin
Pgh. Art Galleries. Blue Sky Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Bondstreet Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Borelli-Edwards
Pgh. Art Galleries. Burke Gallery (Kingsley Center)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Carlow College. Grace Library
Pgh. Art Galleries. Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Carson Street Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Chatham College
Pgh. Art Galleries. Circle Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. The Clay Place
Pgh. Art Galleries. Coffee and Cream
Pgh. Art Galleries. Community College of Allegheny County
Pgh. Art Galleries. Concept Art Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Coral Garden
Pgh. Art Galleries. Creators (One Oxford Center)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Dargate Galleries
Pgh. Art Galleries. Dv8 (Greensburg)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Eberly Gallery, California University of PA
Pgh. Art Galleries. Elephant Walk
Pgh. Art Galleries. Europ'ART (Lawrenceville)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Foreland Street Studio
Pgh. Art Galleries. Four Winds Galleries
Pgh. Art Galleries. Gallerie Chiz
Pgh. Art Galleries. Gallery G
Pgh. Art Galleries. Gallery in the Square
Pgh. Art Galleries. Gallery of Contemporary Art
Pgh. Art Galleries. Garfield Artworks
Pgh. Art Galleries. Gateway Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Golden Calf
Pgh. Art Galleries. Griffith Galleries
Pgh. Art Galleries. Hartwell
Pgh. Art Galleries. Hewlett Gallery (CMU)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Horizons Gallery (Bloomfield)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
Pgh. Art Galleries. Images Fine Arts & Gifts (Homewood)
Pgh. Art Galleries. International Images Ltd.
Pgh. Art Galleries. J. B. Clark Fine Art Co.
Pgh. Art Galleries. J. J. Gillespie & Co.
Pgh. Art Galleries. James Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Jewish Community Center
Pgh. Art Galleries. La Fond
Pgh. Art Galleries. Laroche College Art Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Latrobe Art Center
Pgh. Art Galleries. Les Idees Gallery (Duquesne University)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Lily’s Loft
Pgh. Art Galleries. Linda Iannotta Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Marcus/Gordon Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Maser Galleries
Pgh. Art Galleries. Mattress Factory (North Side)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Mellon Bank Center
Pgh. Art Galleries. Mellon Galleries Carlow College
Pgh. Art Galleries. Mendelson Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Merrick Art Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Michael Berger Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Monroeville Public Library
Pgh. Art Galleries. Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. North Hills Art Center
Pgh. Art Galleries. Old Duquesne Brewery Studio
Pgh. Art Galleries. Oldfield Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Outlines
Pgh. Art Galleries. Penn Gallery (Lawrencville)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Pgh. Filmmakers
Pgh. Art Galleries. Photo Antiquities
Pgh. Art Galleries. Photo Forum
Pgh. Art Galleries. Pittsburgh National Band
Pgh. Art Galleries. Portrait and Design Association Art Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Remich Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Renaissance Center for the Arts
Pgh. Art Galleries. Reynolds Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Richard Jacobson Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. The Rogue Wave
Pgh. Art Galleries. Royal York Auction Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Russian Images Ltd.
Pgh. Art Galleries. Seton Hill College Harlan Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Sewickley Academy’s Campbell Art Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Silver Eye Center for Photography
Pgh. Art Galleries. Slaughterhouse Gallery & Studios (Lawrenceville)
Pgh. Art Galleries. South Bank Galleries
Pgh. Art Galleries. Spinning Plate Gallery (East Liberty)
Pgh. Art Galleries. St. Vincent College
Pgh. Art Galleries. Stevenson Theater and Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. The Store
Pgh. Art Galleries. Studio 130
Pgh. Art Galleries. The Clay Place
Pgh. Art Galleries. The Rogue Wave
Pgh. Art Galleries. The Store (Verona)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Third Street Gallery (Carnegie)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Three Rivers Gallery (John Stobart)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Turmoil Room
Pgh. Art Galleries. Undercroft Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Uniontown Public Library
Pgh. Art Galleries. University of Pittsburgh Art Gallery (UP Gallery)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Visions Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Wall to Wall Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Washington & Jefferson College
Pgh. Art Galleries. Watercolors Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Why Not Etna
Pgh. Art Galleries. Wiebe & Bonwell Galleries
Pgh. Art Galleries. William Pitt Union Art Gallery
Pgh. Art Galleries. Womens Work
Pgh. Art Galleries. Wood Street Galleries
Pgh. Art Galleries. Woodland Hall Art Gallery (Chatham College)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Woolworks Fiber Studio
Pgh. Art Galleries. Writings on the Wall (Irwin, PA)
Pgh. Art Galleries. Wunderly
Pgh. Art Galleries. Zenith Antique Emporium South Side
Pgh. Art Galleries. Zenith Gallery Oakland
Pgh. Art Galleries. Zimmerman Gallery (Washington, PA)
Pgh. Art Hobbies
Pgh. Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Pgh. Art League
Pgh. Art Magazines
Pgh. Art Market
Pgh. Art Organizations.
Pgh. Art Organizations. Gay Artists Guild of Pgh.
Pgh. Art Organizations. Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance
Pgh. Art Organizations. Greensburg Art Club
Pgh. Art Organizations. HEART (Human Equity Through Art)
Pgh. Art Organizations. Hooked Rugs
Pgh. Art Organizations. Pgh Group
Pgh. Art Organizations. Pgh. Lace Groups
Pgh. Art Organizations. Pgh. Landscape Design Society
Pgh. Art Organizations. Pgh. Progressive Artists
Pgh. Art Organizations. Women of Vision
Pgh. Art Schools
Pgh. Art Thefts (Western PA)
Pgh. Art Therapy
Pgh. Art Week
Pgh. Art. Beaver County
Pgh. Art. Schoolwork
Pgh. Arthaven International
Pgh. Artists and Cities
Pgh. Artists at Work (1500 Penn Ave.)
Pgh. Artists Equity Association
Pgh. Artists. Portrait Painters
Pgh. Artists. Self-taught
Pgh. Arts (The)
Pgh. Arts Advocacy Council
Pgh. Arts and Business Conference
Pgh. Arts and Crafts
Pgh. Arts and Crafts Center
Pgh. Arts and Crafts Center Exhibitions 1962-1975
Pgh. Arts and Crafts Expo
Pgh. Arts Education
Pgh. Arts Education Collaborative
Pgh. Arts Festivals
Pgh. Arts League of Ligonier Valley
Pgh. Arts, Antiques and Crafts Festival (South Side)
Pgh. Associated Artists, Exhibitions
Pgh. Auctions
Pgh. Audobon Society of Western PA. Wildlife Art Show
Pgh. Bird Art Festival
Pgh. Black Artists
Pgh. Black History Month Arts Exhibit
Pgh. Blair Art Museum
Pgh. Brew House Association
Pgh. Bridges
Pgh. Business Volunteers for the Arts
Pgh. Butler Associated Artists of Butler County
Pgh. Butler County Music & Art Festival
Pgh. Cabinetmakers
Pgh. Calligraphy Guild of
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Architecture Hall
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Art Classes
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Building
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Centennial Celebrations
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Exhibitions. (by date)
Pgh. Carnegie institute. General Articles (administration)
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Hall of Architecture
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. International/Annual Exhibition. By date
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. International/Annual Exhibition. History
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Collections
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Decorative Arts
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Forum Gallery Series
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Heinz Architectural Center. (Exhibitions)
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Heinz Architectural Center. (Gen Info. & Staff)
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Paintings (articles about more than one artist’s work)
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Paintings (by artist)
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Photography
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Prints & Drawings
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Sculpture
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Staff
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. Women’s Committee
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Art. (misc.)
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Natural History. Egyptian Hall (Walton Hall)
Pgh. Carnegie Institute. Museum of Natural History. Exhibitions
Pgh. Carnegie Library
Pgh. Carnegie Library. Art Division
Pgh. Carnegie Library. Art Division. Bernd Bequest
Pgh. Carnegie Mellon University
Pgh. Carnegie Mellon University. Beaux Arts Ball
Pgh. Censorship
Pgh. Center for the Arts – Exhibitions 1981-2000
Pgh. Center for the History of American Needlework
Pgh. Chatham College Auction
Pgh. Christmas Cards
Pgh. Christmas Ornaments
Pgh. City Planning
Pgh. Clock and Watchmakers
Pgh. Collectors
Pgh. Collectors. Antiques
Pgh. Collectors. Antiques. De Torok, Denes
Pgh. Collectors. Antiques. Weingarten, Lilyon
Pgh. Collectors. Art
Pgh. Collectors. Art. ALCOA
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Austin, James B. (Japanese Prints)
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Blue Cross of Western PA
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Bramer, Mrs. S. Eugene (Madonnas)
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Brenner, Dr. F. Scott (PA Dutch art)
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Bruce, Mrs. Ailsa Mellon
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Carnegie, Andrew
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Corporations and Institutions
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Deloitte Haskins & Sells
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Eichleay, Harry
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Fisher, Chester (Alchemical & Historical Paintings)
Pgh. Collectors. Art Fisher, Edith
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Foy, Mrs. Fred (Ceramics)
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Gimbel Bros.
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Hanley, Thomas Bradford
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Hann, George R.
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Heinz, John
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Holsinger, Gerald
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Hovey, Walter Reed
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Katz, Joseph M.
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Latrobe Schools 100 Friends
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Leff, Jay C.
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Lowenthal, Alexander
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Marino, Albert
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Mellon, Constance
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Mellon, Paul
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Pees, Samuel
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Pgh. Athletic Association
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Rea, Henry Oliver
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Rosenbloom, Charles
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Ruttenberg, Harold J. & Katherine M.
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Scaife, Richard M.
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Scott, William R.
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Thompson, G. David
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Thrift Drug Co.
Pgh. Collectors. Art. University Club
Pgh. Collectors. Art. US Steel/USX
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Van Trump, James
Pgh. Collectors. Art. Viviano, Guistina
Pgh. Collectors. Banks
Pgh. Collectors. Beer Cans
Pgh. Collectors. Bells
Pgh. Collectors. Buttons
Pgh. Collectors. Chiodo, Joey
Pgh. Collectors. Christmas Ornaments
Pgh. Collectors. Clickers
Pgh. Collectors. Clocks
Pgh. Collectors. Comic Books
Pgh. Collectors. Dolls
Pgh. Collectors. Fiesta Ware
Pgh. Collectors. Fisher, Edith
Pgh. Collectors. Glass
Pgh. Collectors. Guns & Arms
Pgh. Collectors. Irons
Pgh. Collectors. Milk Glass
Pgh. Collectors. Miniatures
Pgh. Collectors. Paperweights
Pgh. Collectors. Photographs
Pgh. Collectors. Pocketknives
Pgh. Collectors. Postcards
Pgh. Collectors. Russell Wright Products
Pgh. Collectors. Salts
Pgh. Collectors. Sci-Fi Colletibles
Pgh. Collectors. Thimbles
Pgh. Collectors. Trains
Pgh. Collectors. Valentines
Pgh. Collectors. Wood Engravings
Pgh. Computer Art
Pgh. Conservation & Restoration
Pgh. Convention Center
Pgh. Corporate Art
Pgh. Council for the Arts
Pgh. Craftsmen’s Guild
Pgh. Cranberry Area Group Exhibits
Pgh. Croatian Fraternal Union of America Museum
Pgh. Cultural District (downtown)
Pgh. Cultural Trust
Pgh. Dollmakers
Pgh. East End Event
Pgh. East Suburban Artists League
Pgh. Easter Eggs
Pgh. Eastern Artists Association
Pgh. Economy Society
Pgh. Embroiderers Guild, later known as Fiber Arts Guild
Pgh. Everyman’s Art Show
Pgh. Expressions
Pgh. Fair in the Park (Mellon Park)
Pgh. Fashion Group
Pgh. Fiber Ten
Pgh. Fiberarts Guild
Pgh. Filmmakers
Pgh. Fine Arts Inventory Network
Pgh. Flea Markets. Wildwood Peddlers Fair
Pgh. Flower Exhibits
Pgh. Fountains. Schenley Memorial
Pgh. Frick Art Museum
Pgh. Frick Fine Arts Building – Building Administration
Pgh. Frick Fine Arts Building - Exhibitions
Pgh. Friends of Art in Parish Schools
Pgh. Fund for Arts Education
Pgh. Furniture Designers
Pgh. Furniture Designers. Carter, Roland
Pgh. Furniture Designers. Droz, Dan
Pgh. Furniture Designers. McGonigle, Arnold
Pgh. Furniture Designers. McGuire, Bonnie and Clifford
Pgh. Furniture Designers. Secrest, Lorna
Pgh. Garden Center
Pgh. Garden Clubs
Pgh. Gardens
Pgh. Generations Together
Pgh. Glass
Pgh. Glass Center
Pgh. Glass Etching
Pgh. Glass. Bibliography
Pgh. Glass. Companies
Pgh. Glass. Companies. Atterbury and Co.
Pgh. Glass. Companies. Bakewell
Pgh. Glass. Companies. Duncan and Miller
Pgh. Glass. Companies. Jeanette Glass Corporation
Pgh. Glass. Companies. Riverside Design Group, Inc.
Pgh. Glass. Companies. Rudy Brothers
Pgh. Glass. Companies. Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Co.
Pgh. Glass. Early American Glass Club. Pgh. Chapter
Pgh. Glass. Elizabeth Glass Workshop
Pgh. Glass. Etching
Pgh. Glass. National Antique Glass Club (Pgh Chapter)
Pgh. Golden Age Hobby Show
Pgh. Golden Triangle Artists
Pgh. Graffiti
Pgh. Graphic Designers. Landesberg Design Associates
Pgh. Great Sewickley Antiques Fair
Pgh. Group A
Pgh. Handicapped Artists
Pgh. Harambee Black Arts Festival
Pgh. Harmarville International
Pgh. Harmony Society
Pgh. Hazlett Memorial Awards
Pgh. Historic Districts
Pgh. Historic Review Commission
Pgh. Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh
Pgh. History and Landmarks Foundation
Pgh. Home and Garden Show
Pgh. Home Show
Pgh. Homewood Art Museum
Pgh. Horticultural Society
Pgh. Houses and Housing
Pgh. Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts (New Castle)
Pgh. IABC (International Association of Business Communicators)
Pgh. Ice Sculpture
Pgh. Icons (General)
Pgh. Images
Pgh. Imaginarium
Pgh. Index of Judaica & Jewish Art
Pgh. Indiana Arts Council
Pgh. Interior Designers
Pgh. Interior Designers. Allen, Bob Van
Pgh. Interior Designers. Barsotti, Nancy
Pgh. Interior Designers. Beach, Eunice
Pgh. Interior Designers. Billingsley, Lee
Pgh. Interior Designers. De Vico Interiors
Pgh. Interior Designers. Diehl, Dan
Pgh. Interior Designers. Dimling, Arthur
Pgh. Interior Designers. Donghia, Angelo
Pgh. Interior Designers. Golan, Nachum
Pgh. Interior Designers. Kaut, George
Pgh. Interior Designers. Kertis, Eugene
Pgh. Interior Designers. Kloker, Debra
Pgh. Interior Designers. Kress, D.
Pgh. Interior Designers. Leventon, Marian
Pgh. Interior Designers. McGuire, Thomas
Pgh. Interior Designers. Miller, James
Pgh. Interior Designers. Nachum Golan Interiors, Inc.
Pgh. Interior Designers. Navarro, Marie
Pgh. Interior Designers. Perrin, Robert
Pgh. Interior Designers. Ringl, Margaret
Pgh. Interior Designers. Scurci, Mark
Pgh. Interior Designers. Talotta, Louis.
Pgh. International Sculpture Conference
Pgh. Ironwork
Pgh. Kennerdell Music & Arts Festival
Pgh. Kuumba Trust
Pgh. Lace Group
Pgh. Landscape Architects (General)
Pgh. Landscape Architects. Swain, Bill
Pgh. Logos
Pgh. Makitaara Studios
Pgh. Manchester Craftsmen Guild
Pgh. Map 3D
Pgh. Masters Collection
Pgh. McCullough Communications
Pgh. Miniatures
Pgh. Mural Painters. Penzer, Judy
Pgh. Murals Competition
Pgh. Murals. Community of Reconciliation
Pgh. Murals. East Pittsburgh
Pgh. Murals. Fulton Theater
Pgh. Murals. Massey Shoestore
Pgh. Murals. Rankin
Pgh. Murals. Saint Bernard’s Catholic Church (Mount Lebanon)
Pgh. Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt Pgh. Chapter
Pgh. Nature Printing
Pgh. Needlework
Pgh. Neon Art
Pgh. North Hills Arts Festivals
Pgh. Old Economy Village
Pgh. One Hundred Friends of Pittsburgh Art
Pgh. Outsider Art
Pgh. Parks
Pgh. Parks. Allegheny River Edge Parks
Pgh. Parks. Point State Park
Pgh. Parks. Point State Park Fountain
Pgh. Parks. Schenley
Pgh. Parks. West End Park
Pgh. Penn Art Association
Pgh. Penn Avenue Arts Initiative
Pgh. Penn Hills Arts Festival
Pgh. Performance Art
Pgh. Personalities Art Auction
Pgh. Photography.
Pgh. Photography. Pittsburgh Salon of Photographic Art
Pgh. Pierians, Pgh Chapter
Pgh. Pioneer Crafts Council
Pgh. Pirate Collectibles
Pgh. Pittsburgh Regional History Center. Exhibitions.
Pgh. Plan for Art
Pgh. Planning
Pgh. Playhouse
Pgh. Point to Port Exhibition
Pgh. Police Artists
Pgh. Portraits
Pgh. Pottery
Pgh. Print Group
Pgh. Prison Art
Pgh. Public Art (Misc)
Pgh. Quilt Show and Auction
Pgh. Rebecca Residence for Protestant Women (Wilkinsburg)
Pgh. Regional Planning Association
Pgh. Register of Historic Places
Pgh. Remaking Cities Conference
Pgh. Rug Society
Pgh. Saxonburg Festival of the Arts
Pgh. Scalp Level School
Pgh. School of Design for Women
Pgh. Schools
Pgh. Sculptors (name)
Pgh. Sculpture. Allegheny Landing
Pgh. Sculpture. America (Soldiers and Sailors memorial)
Pgh. Sculpture. Anderson, Col. James Memorial
Pgh. Sculpture. Buhl Planetarium
Pgh. Sculpture. Caligiuri, Richard
Pgh. Sculpture. Celebration by Clark Winter
Pgh. Sculpture. Cemetery Monuments
Pgh. Sculpture. Clemente, Roberto (Malcolm Alexander)
Pgh. Sculpture. Clemente, Roberto (Susan Wagner)
Pgh. Sculpture. Crucifix – Holy Trinity Church Ambridge
Pgh. Sculpture. Doughboy (Edgewood)
Pgh. Sculpture. Doughboy (Penn and Butler in Lawrenceville)
Pgh. Sculpture. Doughboy (Verona)
Pgh. Sculpture. Forest Devil
Pgh. Sculpture. Fulcrum
Pgh. Sculpture. General
Pgh. Sculpture. Hartzell Memorial Fountain
Pgh. Sculpture. Heather by Eleanor Shaw Milleville
Pgh. Sculpture. Highland Park by G. Moretti
Pgh. Sculpture. Gene Kelly (Proposed)
Pgh. Sculpture. Kennywood Park
Pgh. Sculpture. Lincoln.
Pgh. Sculpture. Magee Memorial (Christopher) at Carnegie Library in Oakland
Pgh. Sculpture. Magee, William A.
Pgh. Sculpture. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Proposed)
Pgh. Sculpture. Ohio by J. Youngerman
Pgh. Sculpture. Phipps Conservatory
Pgh. Sculpture. St. Joan of Arc
Pgh. Sculpture. Season in Spiral
Pgh. Sculpture. Southside Works
Psh. Sculpture. Starburst by Joy Poe
Pgh. Sculpture. Willie Stargell (PNC Park)
Pgh. Sculpture. Stone Ladies – Original Old Post Office
Pgh. Sculpture. Vietnam Veterans Monument
Pgh. Sculpture. Virgin Mary
Pgh. Sculpture. Western Pennsylvania Firefighters Memorial
Pgh. Sculpture. Wagner, Honus
Pgh. Sculpture. Adopt a Monument
Pgh. Sculpture. Restoration & Conservation
Pgh. Senior Arts Association
Pgh. Senior Citizen Artists’ Resource Prog.
Pgh. Senior Festival
Pgh. Sewickley Valley Hospital Antique Show and Sale
Pgh. Silver
Pgh. Society for Art in Crafts
Pgh. Society for Contemporary Crafts
Pgh. Society for Creative Arts
Pgh. Society of Artists
Pgh. Society of Sculptors
Pgh. South Arts
Pgh. Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art
Pgh. St. Vincent’s College Art Collection
Pgh. Stained Glass
Pgh. Steel Valley Arts Council (Homestead)
Pgh. Subway Art
Pgh. Sun Crumbs
Pgh. Sweetwater Art Center
Pgh. Three Rivers Arts Festival
Pgh. Three Rivers Depression Era Glass Society
Pgh. Touchstone Center for Crafts
Pgh. Trust for Cultural Resources
Pgh. University of
Pgh. Urban Art Initiative
Pgh. Water Color Society
Pgh. Weavers’ Guild
Pgh. Western PA Regional Scholastic Art Show
Pgh. Westmoreland Museum of American Art
Pgh. Westmoreland Museum of Art
Pgh. Wildlife Art Exposition
Pgh. Wilkins Township Art Festival
Pgh. Wilkinsburg Art Council
Pgh. Wilkinsburg Arts Festival
Pgh. Wings and Wildlife Art Show
Pgh. Women Artists (Group Shows)
Pgh. Woodcarvers
Pgh. WPA Project
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