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Spotlight on Children’s Spaces: CLP – Allegheny

For my next excursion, I took my trusty hatchback north, stopping to check out the Children’s space at CLP’s Allegheny location on Federal Street. For as many times as I have been at this branch for meetings and other programs, I have never actually seen the Children’s space.

CLP – Allegheny offers a huge area for children who are looking for a place to read or play. One of the unique features at Allegheny is an entirely separate room used specifically for storytimes. There are also multiple areas that provide plenty of toys and different play opportunities. The three Children’s Specialists at CLP – Allegheny shared the following favorite features:

CLP - Allegheny's Children's staff.

Jamie, Children’s Librarian

“We love toys and materials that encourage open-ended play. So, we have tons of building materials  for children of all ages! We have building toys for toddlers, Magna tiles and wooden blocks for older children and Legos – something for everyone.”

Children play with building materials at the Library.

Kate, Children’s Specialist

“We have a huge, inviting, open space. It’s welcoming with plenty of places to sit and lots to do for all ages.”

Children dance with scarves during a storytime.

Caitie, Lead Librarian

“Every spring, kids and families help us plant flowers and vegetables on our terrace. All summer kids help water and have fun playing outside. We are lucky to have a tiny slice of outdoor space in the middle of the city.”

Children enjoy the outdoor space at CLP - Allegheny.

CLP – Allegheny has a lot to offer for any child, whether they enjoy gardening and the outdoors, blocks and building, balance beams or a fun and engaging storytime, you’re most likely going to find something for children of all ages in the Children’s space!

 Enhancements to the Library’s Children’s spaces are made possible by generous contributions from individuals and organizations who share our vision for helping people learn, grow and transform their lives.


Korie is part of the Library’s Early Learning BLAST Outreach team. Her favorite children’s authors are Amy Krause Rosenthal, Kevin Henkes and Audrey and Don Wood. She enjoys occasional craftingearly morning runs and ‘80’s era fantasy films.

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