Rising Star of Tech-Noir

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Two sci-fi mind mangling crime thrillers from author Tom Sweterlitsch. Between time-stamped altered/virtual-reality archive sleuthing and post-apocalypse time-travel paradox tweaking, both books make for a brain bending experience. This is my pick for an author destined to become an established luminary of the genre. Before the published success of his first two books, Tom Sweterlitsch worked at the Carnegie Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped for twelve years.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

A decade has passed since the city of Pittsburgh was reduced to ash. While the rest of the world has moved on, losing itself in the noise of a media-glutted future, survivor John Dominic Blaxton remains obsessed with the past. Grieving for his wife and unborn child who perished in the blast, Dominic relives his lost life by immersing in the Archive—a fully interactive digital reconstruction of Pittsburgh, accessible to anyone who wants to visit the places they remember and the people they loved. (Goodreads Description)

The Gone World

Shannon Moss is part of a clandestine division within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. In Western Pennsylvania, 1997, she is assigned to solve the murder of a Navy SEAL’s family–and to locate his teenage daughter, who has disappeared. Though she can’t share the information with conventional law enforcement, Moss discovers that the missing SEAL was an astronaut aboard the spaceship U.S.S. Libra–a ship assumed lost to the darkest currents of Deep Time. Moss knows first-hand the mental trauma of time-travel and believes the SEAL’s experience with the future has triggered this violence. (Goodreads Description)