Baby Teeth Got Bite

It’s August and it’s HOT outside. How about cooling down with a chilling new novel? Zoje Stage’s debut Baby Teeth paints a twisted portrait of a mother-daughter relationship. By pitting Mommy (Suzette) and Hanna’s voices against one another in alternating chapters, Stage crafts a tense dual-narrative tale that Will. Creep. You. Out. Suzette (Mommy) struggles with a chronic illness while raising Hanna, a seven-year-old who the outside world sees as mischievous. Readers gain insight into Hanna’s mind and soon learn that she is more devious, than mischievous and has all kinds of plans to get rid of Mommy. Stage’s writing is on-point, each word building a sinister little home life where unconditional love walks a fine line with hate. Baby Teeth is a perfect summer read for those brave readers who like to sink their teeth into sharp psychological horror. Guaranteed to keep you up at night imagining the sounds of a small someone outside your bedroom door plotting your demise. 

Author Zoje Stage will join us at CLP-Squirrel Hill on Monday, September 17 at 6:30 pm. Event details here.

Baby Teeth

What’s a parent to do when all the tests given rule out everything but budding sociopath? Sounds like Hanna could give Rhoda (The Bad Seed) a run for her money.