Chronicles of the One

In Nora Roberts’ new trilogy the battle between white and black magicks is not new ground.  Several previous novels have included myth and magic and good triumphing over evil.  What sets the Chronicles apart is the post-apocalyptic theme reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Stand.  Like The Stand the earth’s population is decimated by a disease-the Doom in Robert’s novel.  In both novels there are immune survivors who find each other. In the Chronicles, the breakdown of society and technology gives rise to magickal powers in some.  There are those who view these powers as a gift to help mankind go forward, and Purity Warriors who have chosen to destroy those with these gifts.

From conception it has been Fallon Swift’s destiny to be The One. The entire world is waiting to see if she is the savior that was foretold , if she can save  what is left if of mankind. We won’t find out if she does until December, 2019 when the final book in the trilogy, The Rise of Magicks, is released.

Of Blood and Bone

It has been thirteen years since the Doom killed more than half of the Earth’s population. Thirteen years since the rise of magicks and the “Purity Warriors”, whose self-proclaimed mission is to seek and destroy those with gifts. It is also Fallon Swift’s thirteenth birthday, and she can no longer deny her destiny as The One, the hope for the future of mankind.