Don’t Miss These April 2018 Releases

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The reviews for these titles are so intriguing we want to give you an opportunity to get your requests in early.


The City of Lost Fortunes

The fate of New Orleans rests in the hands of a wayward grifter in this novel of gods, games, and monsters.

The Invisible Valley

The harsh realities of China’s agricultural reeducation program in the 1960s are exposed with humor and drama through the experiences of one of its hapless young victims.

The Wolf

This gripping and ambitious epic fantasy debut introduces a world closely mapped to Viking-era Europe, with the addition of some intriguing differences.

The Emissary

Blending fairy tale, dystopian warning, peculiar mystery, cultural critique, and multi-generational family saga, this meditation on language and time should satiate even the most discerning international fiction aficionados.

The Little Clan

A charming debut that sparkles with humor, heart, and an irresistibly irreverent love of books and bibliophiles.


Part cautionary tale, part triumph of the feminist spirit, Ecstasy reveals the true Alma Mahler: composer, author, daughter, sister, mother, wife, lover, and muse.

America Is Not the Heart

When Hero De Vera arrives in America, haunted by the political upheaval in the Philippines and disowned by her parents, she’s already on her third. Her uncle gives her a fresh start in the Bay Area, and he doesn’t ask about her past. His younger wife knows enough about the might and secrecy of the De Vera family to keep her head down. But their daughter, the first American-born daughter in the family, can’t resist asking Hero about her damaged hands. You can also check out this title as eBook on Overdrive/Libby.

Animals Eat Each Other

In this stunning and powerful debut, a girl with no name embarks on a fraught three-way relationship with Matt, a Satanist and a tattoo artist, and his girlfriend Frances, a new mom.

Before I Let You Go

Rimmer’s timely novel captures the unbreakable bond of two sisters and humanizes the difficult intersection of the opioid epidemic and the justice system.

The Hellion ( Wicked Wallflowers #1 )

First of a series, the chemistry between the protagonists is seductive and palpable, with their family history of hatred played against their personal similarities and growing attraction to create an atmospheric and captivating romance.