Don’t Miss These April/May 2017 Releases

The reviews for these titles were so intriguing that we looked forward to their arrival and want to make sure that you don’t miss out on them.

The Best of Adam Sharp

A pianist and part-time IT consultant yearns for the road not taken with someone named Angelina.


Trying to find a reason for his brother’s suicide, Clay Blackall sets out to interview the people that knew him best, in this sometimes heart-rending, sometimes hilarious tale.

The Golden Legend

Religious intolerance in Pakistan between Muslims and Christians pits both families and communities against each other.

How to be Human

Tired of her job, neighbors and ex-husband, a woman becomes charmed by—a fox!


Just as she reaches the height of her fame, the dance artist Isadora Duncan suffers an incredible personal loss.

Only Child

Terrible villain with no name, accused of a horrible crime, claims to be two hundred years old.

The Stars are Free

A cast of fictional characters negotiate the true story of the largest fire in Maine’s history that took place in October 1947.

The White Road

His underwater cave explorations an internet sensation, adrenaline junkie Simon Newman now turns his attention towards Everest.

Woman No. 17

The wonderful new employee living in a Hollywood Hills guest house is not to be trusted.