Girls Heart STEM

STEM is a hot topic these days, and reading books that feature strong, brilliant girls connected to science is great way to inspire the next generation of young innovators. These STEM-inspired books feature a variety of young scientists, both fictional and factual, that will appeal to readers across all ages.

For younger readers, a picture book about a persistent engineer named Rosie Revere is sure to elicit laughter and perhaps even inspire a few quirky inventions of your own. Older school age kids can learn about amazing women who code in Technology: Cool Women Who Code, and how Aprille Ericsson became the first African-American female engineer for NASA in her biography, Aerospace Engineer Aprille Ericsson.

Middle grade readers and teens may uncover the scientist within while reading these coming-of-age stories about Mimi and Suzy. In Full Cicada Moon, Mimi is fascinated by the cycles of the moon. She dreams of becoming an astronaut even though her teachers and peers tell her it is an impossible endeavor. In The Thing About Jellyfish, Suzy is a bright and curious girl who studies the mysterious (and sometimes frightening) habits of jellyfish, while navigating the stormy waters of adolescence. A poignant story about friendship, loss and forgiveness, this young adult novel is also brimming with interesting facts about the natural world you’ll want to share with your friends.

Aerospace Engineer Aprille Ericsson

A leading NASA engineer describes her childhood ambition to pursue a life in science, her achievement as her university’s first woman to receive a Ph. D. in her field and her pivotal role in building history-making spacecraft.

Technology: Cool Women Who Code

Young readers discover exactly what technology is, how it evolved, and where the future may lead. They also meet three women who have contributed to the field in critical ways. High-interest content with links to primary sources and essential questions further expand kids’ knowledge and understanding.