The Glorious Soups and Stews of Italy by Domenica Marchetti

The beautiful photo on the back cover caught my eye, and I love making soup, so I checked out this book. It’s now one of my favorites. The photo was a bowl of Vellutata di Asparagi con Orzo Perlato, which is a hearty and delicious soup with asparagus and pearled barley. My teenage son was skeptical at first but tried it – and loved it!  Now he requests it. The onion soup recipe (Zuppa di Cipolle al Pecorino) is also a favorite. While the asparagus recipe is a little more complicated, the onion soup recipe is quite easy, making the book good for both novice and experienced cooks. Chapter 1 is an “essentials” lesson on techniques, ingredients, and basic broth, sauce and pasta dough recipes. The book’s next four chapters each highlight seasonal soups and stews from a variety of regions of Italy. The final chapter is accompaniments. Enjoy!