Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible by Ursula Vernon

Some may describe Harriet as “not your average princess,” but as this radical rodent says, “…I’m a princess! If I do it, it’s got to be something princesses do! Who makes these rules!?” Slaying dragons, outwitting witches, and taking down fractions (with her awesome reducing skills) this Hamster Princess does not have time go off searching for a prince. Accompanied by trusty quail companion Mumfrey, Harriet does some adventuring finding friends, enemies and saving princes. Not about all this prince business Harriet sets out on another journey to save her family so she can get back to being awesome. But of course, Harriet cannot escape this prince and princess thing and the only way she can fix everything is…find a prince! Too bad there are no dudes in all of the land brave or fearless enough to help a hamster friend out. Somebody get this hamster (or Librarian!) a tiny leather jacket with Harriet Hamsterbone in glittering letters on the back because this plucky princess is smart and tough.