Illuminae Files

While the books in the Illuminae Files come with a “Teen” sticker on the spine, it’s a series that adult fans of ‘science fiction with a dash of horror’ can happily devour to fill that Battlestar Galactica shaped hole in their life.

The story is set in to motion when a mining outpost is attacked by the competition, a megacorporation called BeiTech. The survivors are rescued by a small fleet of military vessels and are trying to reach the Jump Station Heimdall before the BeiTech ships on their tail can catch up. Kady and her ex, Ezra, are aboard two of the ships in the military convoy. Their relationship and Kady’s hacking skills will be put to the test when a deadly virus is released.

Gemina tells the concurrent story of the Heimdall. Hanna (the captain’s daughter) and Nik (an unwilling participant in his family’s crime syndicate) are thrown together when they realize that it’s up to them to protect the jump station when BeiTech agents try to take over.

Authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff use collections of emails, chat transcripts, journals, and surveillance footage to build their narrative and give the books their fast pace. The conclusion to the series, Obsidio, will be out early next year.


Exes Kady and Ezra must put aside their differences and work together to deal with the fall out of their home planet being invaded by a megacorporation, a deadly virus infiltrating the rescue military vessels, and the AI running everything has just gone off the rails.


When the space station Heimdall is invaded, Hannah and Nik must work together to defeat the enemy.