In Pieces: a Memoir Read-Alikes

Are you waiting for the popular autobiography by actress Sally Field? Maybe you’ve read it already and really enjoyed it. Try one of these recommendations from the First Floor staff at Main.



Crazy Brave

A haunting and beautiful account of a traumatic childhood, and the steps this famous Native American poet took to rebuild herself.

Liar's Club

For a phenomenal, blockbuster memoir, try this highly acclaimed literary work (credited with bringing about a renewed interest in the genre): a story of family and relationships during Karr’s childhood.

My Life on the Road

This memoir by legendary feminist icon Gloria Steinem delves into her personal journeys as a writer, speaker and organizer.

Norma Rae

One of Sally Field’s most memorable roles as she plays a small town factory worker stands up for her rights.

Then Again

Another of America’s favorite actresses had her own personal struggles to contend with behind the scenes.