Many Voices Telling the Story

Audio books provide the busy reader with another option for enjoying books that they don’t have time to read.  Listening to a novel is a totally different experience than reading it. A great audio book that includes multiple narrators for books that share multiple perspectives with-in the story is like experiencing a play in your car or home.  Many books use multiple narrators to tell one story from many different perspectives.  Three main and six additional narrators are used for the audio version of The Truth According to Us by Annie Barrows.


The Truth According to US

The narrators of The Truth According to Us, a story set during the Great Depression, are twelve-year-old Willa, her aunt Jottie, and a new boarder, Layla Beck.  Layla is a Washington D.C. socialite that has been cut-off by her father for refusing to marry the man that he chose for her.  She is forced to work for the Federal Writer’s Project and is sent to complete the book for the town of Macedonia, West Virginia.  The story delves into the secrets of the Romeyn family, their friends and the residents of Macedonia, West Virginia.