Nearly Newbery

Done with the all the Newbery books already?  You may find some fun in these books who were also thought to be in the running.


Orphan Island

Nine orphans live on an island. Every year a boat arrives with a new young child, and the eldest child departs the island, saying goodbye forever. They have rules that they follow. They have to learn to swim and read; they have daily chores to do. If they follow the rules, then everything is perfect and the sky won’t fall in on them. As Jinny says goodbye to Deen, it becomes her turn to be Eldest, to lead the others and do what is right. She has a year’s time to teach her new Care, Ess, everything she needs to know to survive on the island, then it will be Jinny’s turn to get in the boat. This story is a metaphor for growing up and letting go of childhood, the difficulties and struggles of new responsibilities and the fear of facing the unknown.

Train I Ride

Traveling from California to Chicago after her mother dies of a drug overdose and her grandmother of lung cancer, thirteen-year-old Rydr meets other passengers on the train and attempts to accept her own situation. You can also check out this title as eBook on Overdrive/Libby

The First Rule of Punk

A twelve-year-old Mexican American girl who has recently moved to Chicago starts a punk rock band with a group of like-minded misfits.