Nice Girls (Still) Don’t Get the Corner Office

I listened to this title on Hoopla. One can never get enough career advice, in my opinion. Even though I’ve been in the field a while, getting different takes on what success looks like helps to keep me fresh.This book has a collection of tips for every kind (over 100) of mistakes a woman who was raised to be a “nice girl” can make. The advice is practical, and while it may not all apply to you and you may not agree with all of it, there is still “something for everyone.” The basic premise of the book: Don’t be the nice girl who keeps her needs to herself – be a grown-$#% woman and do not be afraid to get your needs met! Go get ’em, ladies!

Nice girls don't get the corner office : unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers

For women, this practical and empowering primer offers useful tips on how to advance one’s career. The author highlights a unique set of behaviors–101 in all–that women learn in girlhood that prevent them from realizing their full potential in the workplace. She helps you eliminate these often ingrained mistakes –and offers alternative approaches to incorporate into your social and business skills