Our Current Favorites by the Books on Tap Book Discussion Group

Books on Tap is a no-pressure book club that meets at 6 pm every third Wednesday at Allegheny City Brewing. Members Chris M., Diane K., Diann M., and Shannen D., have collaborated to compile the following list of must-read books. Join us next month to share what you are reading!

Baby Teeth

What’s a parent to do when all the tests given rule out everything but budding sociopath? Sounds like Hanna could give Rhoda (The Bad Seed) a run for her money.

The Gulf: The Making of An American Sea

Another Pulitzer Prize winner, this one in the History category, this book tells the story of the geological and human events that shaped the Gulf of Mexico. It describes in great detail the environmental history of the body of water and brings to attention the incredibly diverse marine ecosystem found there.


Homegoing is a multigenerational novel that traces a family’s lineage in Africa and America. Complex characters allow us to see history in a new light.


Little Fires Everywhere

In the follow-up to her bestselling debut novel “Everything I Never Told You,” Celeste Ng delivers yet another powerful, compelling, and at times heartbreaking story about family, community, parenting, societal norms, and the ultimate consequences of the decisions we make.

Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder

The winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Biography this year, this book is a vivid account of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life. It documents how she took her life experiences of poverty and struggle on the American frontier and molded them to create the Little House on the Prairie series.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

In the remote reaches of northern Wisconsin, young Edgar Sawtelle and his family raise a unique breed of intelligent, companionable dog. Soon enters Uncle Claude –a charmer with a touch of menace. When Edgar’s father dies, Edgar and a loyal pack of dogs escape to the backwoods–suspecting Claude has committed murder. Unfortunately, no matter where they run, they cannot avoid the creeping hand of fate.

The Trees

It was a typical English night – until the primordial forest arose and smashed technology and civilization to bits. Our protagonist and her son must learn to survive without modern conveniences while they look for their loved ones.

Undress Me In The Temple of Heaven: A Memoir

Rather than seeking jobs, two recent college graduates hatched a plan to travel the world beginning in the People’s Republic of China which had just opened its doors to Westerners.  It was 1986 and, without the aid of technology, the two young women embarked on a journey that quickly took them far out of their comfort zones.  Part travel journal, part adventure story, and (as one of them starts to unravel) part harrowing journey, this memoir shares their experiences.

The Warded Man

This is the first book of The Demon Cycle – a 5 book fantasy series. In this book, Brett builds up an incredible world where demons rise from the earth at night, and the only thing that can keep humanity safe are special marks called Wards. We follow three characters’ points of view as they try to learn and fight back against the demons – and the people holding them back.