Prepare for The Fifth Season!

“This is the way the world ends—for the last time.”

K. Jemisin’s exciting sci-fi novel begins with the end of the world. A giant rift in the earth breaks apart the planet’s sole continent, spewing fire and ash and bringing with it the destruction of all civilization.

While the world ends around her, Essun begins a journey across a devastated landscape in search of her kidnapped daughter. Essun’s power reawakens as she remembers her abilities as an Orogene, one who has power over the earth itself. But Essun’s abilities could never prepare her for the truths she uncovers along the way. For this world still has secrets to reveal—even as it ends.

Filled with incredible world-building, alternating character perspectives, nail-biting mystery and a cliff-hanger ending, Jemisin’s Hugo award winning first novel in the Broken Earth series will take you to the end of the world and beyond!

The Fifth Season

In a world that experiences global catastrophes regularly, another earthquake and volcanic eruption shatters the temporary peace and brings the world into the “Fifth Season”—a time of death and destruction for humans, animals and plants alike. One woman with the power to manipulate the earth searches for her daughter and along the way uncovers secrets about her past and the history of her people.