Shapeshift Into Romance

Many new authors are now delving deep into paranormal romance. By exploring the world of shapeshifting creatures in folklore, romance audiences are becoming familiar with shapeshifting wolves, dragons, birds, bears and even werewolves and vampires. Below is a list of paranormal romances that will send you into an altered world of romance.

White Tiger

When Kendrick’s white tiger shifter group is discovered after years of hiding, he must go to extremes to save them. Kendrick meets waitress Addison Price who soon joins the quest for the group’s freedom.

Wild Wolf

Graham McNeil has resigned himself to a lesser life, until he meets a woman who inspires him want more. McNeil faces new and dangerous challenges that he must overcome to lead his wolf pack and be a champion for Misty.

Burning Desire

Dragon King, Kiril goes to Ireland as a spy where he meets Dark Fae, Shara. Kiril and Shara’s attraction to one another knows no bounds, but ultimately is each know that their union is doomed.

Passion Ignites

Bad boy Dragon King Thorn rescues Lexi from the Dark Fae, an act that exposes him to his enemies igniting a war between the Dragons and the Fae.

The Darkest Torment

In this Lords of the Underworld tale, Baden will stop at nothing to claim the human who can keep him from spiraling into insanity.

The Darkest Touch

The Red Queen escapes captivity only to be held captive in a battle of wills as she and Torin struggle to resist one another.