Speculative, Surreal and Uncanny Short Fiction Collections

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The speculative is a space in fiction where the unexpected and impossible can creep in. It can encompass whimsical magical realism, satirical dystopia, alternate histories and fantasy grounded in the quotidian.

These recent collections of short stories all deal in the speculative fiction realm but vary in approach and tone. Some are pure dread and paranoia, while others are full of sly humor. Some are dreamy and some horrific. Some draw from folk and fairy lore and some from the brutality of the modern world.

Take a look and find one to suit your mood!

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Dance on Saturday: Stories

Cotman’s speculative tales of near-immortals of Pittsburgh and nightmare volleyball tournaments play with genre to create fresh perspectives.

False Bingo: Stories

Jemc creates atmospheres of dread, suspense and paranoia in the worlds created in the short stories of this collection. You can also check out this title as eAudio on Hoopla.

I Hold a Wolf by the Ears

This collection contains darkly humorous, enchanting and horrific stories of women on the verge of strange and momentous changes in their lives.

Talk Like a Man

A volume of previously uncollected short fiction from one of sci-fi and fantasy’s acclaimed writers. You can also check out this title as eBook on Hoolpla.

Two Moons: Stories

A debut collection of odd, charming and dreamy speculative fiction focusing on Black lesbian characters. 

Why Visit America: Stories

Baker probes the fine line between everyday America and dystopia in a series of cautionary and satirical stories.