STEM: Super Science Backyard Bug Books

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Discover arthropods in your backyard!

Observing and inquiry are important skills for children to learn as they explore their environment. Insects are the perfect subjects that will transport a child to another world that inspires learning and imaginations. What better way to begin your creature adventure than with any of these suggested titles. Shy beetles, sticks that walk, bugs that talk, and dancing bees will provide an entirely new and fascinating look at the arthropods in your backyard.

A Beetle is Shy

A look at the fascinating world of beetles. From flea beetles to bombardier beetles, an incredible variety of these beloved bugs are showcased here in all their splendor.

Bee Dance

A honeybee searches for nectar, then returns to the hive to tell the other bees. She does a waggle dance, moving in a special figure-eight pattern to share the location of the foodsource with her hivemates.

Bug: Facts at Your Fingertips

Profiles more than 220 insects and other bugs providing facts about how big they are, what they eat, where they live, and which ones are poisonous.

Du Iz Tak?

Detailed illustrations and a playfully invented bug language invite readers to imagine the dramatic possibilities to be found in the natural world of a humble backyard garden.

Good Trick, Walking Stick!

With a simple story, perfect for read-alouds, this scientific look at a walking stick’s life-cycle will captivate budding entomologists.

Hank's Big Day: The Story of a Bug

Hank is a pill bug whose daily routine involves nibbling a dead leaf, climbing up a long stick, avoiding a skateboarder, and playing pretend with his best friend, a human girl named Amelia.

Some Bugs

From butterflies and moths to crickets and cicadas, a rhyming exploration of backyard-bug behavior.