Strange the Dreamer

If you’ve read Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bones series, you know she has a talent for building a world that is strange and beautiful and filled with gods and monsters. Her newest book, Strange the Dreamer, is no exception.

An orphaned boy has grown up as a nameless librarian, helping those on their paths to greatness while holding his own dreams close. Lazlo Strange can remember the stories of Weep, the lost city whose name was suddenly stolen from the minds of all who knew it. Then, there is an opportunity to travel to this lost city, and Lazlo will do whatever it takes to join the party headed to Weep to solve a mysterious problem.

Sarai and fellow “godspawn” have been trapped in the citadel since their parents were killed by the Godslayer years ago. Each longs to join the world but know they would be killed for the blue skin that marks them as the offspring of gods. But when Sarai finds a unique way to communicate with someone in Weep, she starts to think that maybe there can be life outside the citadel for her after all.

The world of weep and its magic are dark and gorgeous, and the characters in the story will pull you in immediately. With a shocking ending, you’ll find yourself on edge waiting for the next book in this new series!