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Change can be scary. And confusing. And hard.

Change can also be exciting and wonderful. Often, it’s a mix of more than one experience or emotion. (Which can also feel confusing.)

Preparing for change sounds like it might be impossible. After all, how can we know what’s going to be different before something changes? And how can we prepare for the unknown?

But knowing that change is a process and that there are lots of ways that we—and the world around us—change throughout our lives can be reassuring.

So can reading about change, whether that’s the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the clever transformation of words into other words or the seemingly icky but ultimately hopeful disintegration (and rebirth) of a jaunty Jack-o-lantern.

Check out these and other changes in the books below. Or change things up and find a different story about transformation, growth and possibility. (Fairy tales, for example.)

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Caterpillar to Butterfly

Describes how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly with facts to learn, in unfold page by page format. 

The Dumpster Diver

Once a month–every week in the summer–Steve the electrician dons special gear and, with the help of youngsters who live in his building, dives into a dumpster seeking useful objects that they can transform into imaginative new ones. 

Owly & Wormy, Friends All Aflutter

Good friends Owly and Wormy are disappointed when their new plant attracts fat, green, bug-like things, instead of butterflies, until a metamorphosis occurs. 

Perfect Square

A perfect square that is perfectly happy is torn into pieces, punched with holes, crumpled, and otherwise changed but finds in each transformation that it can be something new, and just as happy.

Rotten Pumpkin

The amazing transformation of Jack from grinning pumpkin to mold-mottled wreckage to hopeful green shoot tells the story of decomposition. 

Take Away the A

In this alphabet-themed introduction to vocabulary words and wordplay, the author provides many entertaining examples of how subtracting a single letter from a word can transform it into an entirely different word.