Upgrade Soul: a Graphic Novel

Daniels author calls his work “a tale of transhuman evolution”, unspooling the story of an elderly couple, Hank and Molly, who decide to submit to a genetic upgrade from a shadowy medical organization. Molly has followed their research and is convinced they will be reborn as physically superior clones of themselves, wise from experience and ready to enjoy a new chapter of life. But instead, the procedure does not fully work and creates new, alien versions of Hank and Molly while also leaving their depleted selves alive. It’s a riveting, astonishingly told work of science fiction that explores the limits of the self.

Upgrade Soul: a graphic novel

An experimental genetic procedure transforms Hank and Molly Nonnar, an elderly couple, into clones of themselves. Unexpected complications leave the clones and their originals split and confused, grappling with the consequences of their decision and their feelings about a new and different life.