Where the Crawdads Sing Read-Alikes

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Are you waiting for the popular coming-of-age novel by Delia Owens? Maybe you’ve read it already, really enjoyed it, and can’t wait for something similar. Try one of these recommendations from the New & Featured staff at Main.

Annie John

Set on the island of Antigua, this is a coming-of-age story of a young girl questioning her place in the world.

Everything I Never Told You

A suburban family struggles with the tragedy that follows a pattern of keeping secrets. Each member questions how he or she may be accountable for the loss.

Freaky Green Eyes

Franky Peason struggles with a fractured identity as truths are revealed after her mother goes missing.

The Highest Tide

13-year-old Miles lives on the shores of Puget Sound and is obsessed with marine life and the sea. The summer he discovers a giant squid is unforgettable for him in many ways.

Into the Forest

The collapse of society leaves two teenaged sisters alone in their isolated forest home in this haunting and gorgeously written tale of survival.

My Abandonment

A teenage girl and her father secretly live in a park outside of Portland, Oregon, until a small mistake forces them join a world that doesn’t understand them.

My Absolute Darling

14-year-old Turtle lives in a run-down house on the Northern California coast near Mendocino with her survivalist, abusive father, and is treated like an outcast in her middle school. That is, until she meets Jacob, a high school student who shows interest in her, and Turtle starts to question her upbringing.

The Snow Child

After a loving, childless couple creates a child out of snow on their wilderness homestead, their lives are forever transformed as a strange, yellow-haired girl appears as the snow melts.

To Kill a Mockingbird

The trial of someone presumed guilty until proven innocent brings to mind this classic. Voted the Great American Read in 2018 by viewers of PBS, if you haven’t read this coming of age novel of race relations and the south yet, what are you waiting for? And if you read it in high school because you had to, try it again now just because you want to. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well it holds up. A young girl who watches her beloved attorney father defend Tom Robinson, an African American wrongly accused of a terrible crime. This is a beautiful story of childhood, friendship, the power of hatred, and the power of love.