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Supporting our Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

The recent wave of hate crimes towards Asian populations across the country has been triggering and traumatic for our community. These events come out of a deep history of xenophobia in the United States. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) stands in solidarity with the American Library Association (ALA) and the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) in recognizing and condemning bigotry, misinformation and anti-Asian hate crimes. You can read their responses from the ALA Executive Board and from APALA.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh takes seriously the role we have as information professionals in combating the spread of disinformation by providing equitable access to credible and factual sources. We strive for diversity in our collections, programming, policies and hiring practices to ensure that our diverse communities see themselves represented on our library shelves, in our programming, and among our staff. You can read more about these values in the ALA Bill of Rights and Equity of Access and CLP Strategic Plan.

Below is a list of resources to aid our Asian and Pacific Islander American neighbors in their mourning and healing, and to lead non-AAPI community members toward actively working against racism, xenophobia, and the harmful stereotypes that disproportionately affect the AAPI community and all people of color.

The following information comes from libraries and nonprofits across the country:

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