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Surviving with the Calloways

I’ve recently discovered a new TV show! Not that I need to discover anymore shows, because I watch enough TV as it is. Anyway, the name of the show is Survivor’s Remorse. The show is executive produced by LeBron James, who is my favorite basketball player. James has a guest starring role on the show as himself in season 2. I had been hearing a lot about the show, so I finally decided to check it out.

Cover for Survivor's Remorse season 1

The show’s main character is Cam Calloway, and he’s a basketball player who originally played for a team in Memphis, but recently got a big deal to play in Atlanta. The show surrounds the big change and various challenges that Cam and his family have to deal with moving to a new town. One of my favorite characters is Cam’s Uncle Julius, who is portrayed by Mike Epps. He is what you would call the comedic relief for the show. Cam’s mother, Cassie, is also hilarious, and she is portrayed by Tichina Arnold. The first season focuses on Cam adjusting to being a star player on a team and the different obstacles that he has to deal with like more pressure when he goes through a slump, what to say and what not to say in front of the media, etc. Cam’s relationship with the media is sticky and gets even more complicated when in one episode Cam gets romantically involved with a reporter.

Even Cam’s family has to deal with pressure from the media, because in one episode Cam’s mom, Cassie, gets caught in the media crossfire when she makes comments about Cam’s upbringing. Other members of Cam’s family along for the ride include his sister, Mary Charles (M Chuck) and his cousin, Reggie, who is also his agent. As the show progresses we see the family’s dynamic suffer some setbacks. Viewers even see Reggie start to veer away from Cam when he gets opportunities to manage other athletes, causing a rift between Reggie and Cam.

So far, there are two seasons of Survivor’s Remorse and both of them are equally entertaining. Season 3 debuts on Sunday, July 24 on STARZ. You don’t have to be a fan of basketball to enjoy this show.

Happy watching!


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