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Reading Grisham

Recently I read my first John Grisham. It was his latest book The Reckoning (DB92511) , which would rank as one of the top books I read last year. I thought the book was so good that I decided that one of my goals this year would be to read as many John Grisham books […]

Caribbean Fiction

The Caribbean Sea is a relatively small geographic area but is filled with many islands and countries that are very rich in culture and diversity.  Many of these islands have also lived through much turmoil, poverty, and difficult political situations.  Below is a list of authors from various Caribbean countries that exemplify Caribbean struggles and Caribbean […]

By Thor’s Hammer

Every few years a new culture seems to capture our collective attention…Pirates, vampires and zombies (oh my?) being the first three that come to mind over the last decade and a half. Lately I have detected a little Scandinavian sensationalism, some Nordic know-how, floating into pop culture. I am, of course, talking about the popularity Vikings seem to be enjoying in television.

The Pittsburgh Courier

The Pittsburgh Courier used to be a national newspaper with 14 different city editions including New York, Chicago, Detriot, St. Louis and Los Angeles, to name a few. I urge you to check out the documentary Newspaper of Record the Pittsburgh Courier, available on DVD in our collection. It conveys the weight and influence of the paper, as well as its glamour.

Final Countdown

Only 48 more hours until Summer Reading Extravaganza, the Library’s annual celebration of literacy and learning. This year, you’ll have the chance to: Enjoy live performances, interactive storytimes and puppet shows Browse the annual book sale Play a fun CLP Readers Game Try your hand at science experiments Check out cooking and gardening demonstrations Personalize […]