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A Basic Gal’s Guide to Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey

It has all the usual trappings of her stories (a leading lady, the love interest, talk about money and marriages, dancing, etc.), but throw in the story’s heroine being kind of not-so-secretly interested in the macabre and mystery. Essentially, to the point where she even concocts in her head a story that her friends’ dad could have had something to do with the death of his wife. Whaaaaaat?! Let’s dive in.

The Best Short Stories by African American Authors

I cannot even tell you how long it has been since I picked up a collection of short stories (seriously…it’s pretty embarrassing). But I have always loved diving into a good short story. Filled with symbolism and a conclusion that doesn’t take 300 pages to get to, they are a true literary snack. Or in some cases like, Children of the Night: The Best Short Stories by Black Writers 1967 to the Present, a great meal.

Inspire Someone Today!

I am inspired by the man tucked away at a desk in the corner studying for his aviation license. I am inspired by the woman learning a new language. I am inspired by the child getting help with their reading skills from a Reading Buddy at their local CLP branch. Last year, nearly three million people visited the Library in the effort to learn something new, make their lives better or to be part of something bigger than themselves. Simply, to be inspired.