Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times

Does your little one have a favorite nursery rhyme? A bedtime song? Did you? Nursery rhymes are so much more than traditional stories. They help connect generations through nostalgia and family tradition. They are critical to building early literacy skills. No wonder nursery rhymes frequently appear in our Best Books for Babies lists.

Storytime: Preschool Pals

Children 3 to 5 years and their parents or caregivers will sing songs, share action rhymes and meet new friends. Children and adults will explore books to expand the imagination, … Continued

Jeremiah’s Story

“When I was in the third grade, we moved to a house that was right across the street from the Library’s West End branch. And my mom would force me … Continued

Spotlight on Children’s Spaces: CLP – West End

Over in the West End, right next to the Library Support Center, is Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) – West End. According to CLP history, West End was the first location to host storytime almost a century ago. Read on to learn more about this neighborhood location.

Remembering the West End

In which a valiant Library Assistant explores a tiny room and creates the library’s West End Historical Collection.