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Train to Busan

For some reason, I love movies (and books) set in enclosed or cut-off places. For example, The Shining (isolated resort hotel) or The Poseidon Adventure (capsized ship). So when I read about Train to Busan, a zombie movie set entirely on a train, I knew I had to see it. Never mind that zombie movies […]

Cartoons for Adults

Are you an adult who loves cartoons? There are plenty of children’s cartoons that adults can enjoy, but today I want to talk about animated TV shows meant just for grown-ups. Cartoons can be just as engaging as live-action shows, and the format allows them to do things other shows can’t. Most are comedies, but even those can include strong character development and ongoing story lines that beg to be binge watched.

Throwback Thursday: Women in World War II

I recently finished reading The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II by Denise Kiernan. It is a fascinating look into a town that never existed on any map but had a HUGE influence on the outcome of World War II. Although not all of the residents were women, of course, the story is told through the lives of several different ladies who found themselves at this historic place.