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Uplift with Up Lit

Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Need something uplifting to, well, lift your spirits?  We’ve put together a collection of Up Lit on our OverDrive site.  What is Up Lit, you may ask? In a nutshell, it’s any novel that has an optimistic outlook, makes you feel good, and focuses on empathy. It doesn’t mean the characters don’t face challenges, but their journey […]

Stay In and Read!

Okay, so school, work, events, and just about everything else is closed, and we’re all looking at spending a lot of time at home. What do we do now? Stay In and Read! This won’t surprise anyone, but we think this is a great chance to catch up on your reading. Sure, there are always Good Reasons to keep reading – reading […]

Veteran’s Day Library Picks

Throughout the years, Veterans Day adopts a new meaning and context for each generation. When I was growing up, the holiday felt (and still is) very much attached to the WWII and Korean War veterans of my grandparents’ generation.  Now, as the child of baby boomer parents and witness to the events of 9/11, the holiday resonates more closely for me with the […]

Buy It Right

How do you feel you’re getting a good deal? Is it from the brand you’re purchasing? Is it from how much you paid for what you bought? Or it is from how long you expect your purchase to last? There are many factors that influence what we buy and often the larger the purchase the […]