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Migrations, A Black History Book Club: Kindred by Octavia Butler

This group, which is led by a librarian and a different community leader each month, focuses on fiction and non-fiction of the Black experience. No registration is needed. Join us this month to discuss Kindred by Octavia Butler, co-led by Bekezela Mguni of Dreams of Hope, BOOM Concepts, and the Black Unicorn Library and Archives. […]

Short and Sweet: Watch With Me and six other stories

Wendell Berry’s collection of thematic short stories, Watch With Me DB 41335 follows the delightful life of one family in the early 1900’s in Port William, Kentucky: the gregarious farmer ‘Tol Proudfood and his wife, the no-nonsense schoolteacher Miss Minnie. Their quirks and peculiarities endear you to their characters, and the stories in the collection span over […]


I would like to dedicate this blog to Ashlee and Eric. Ashlee, I will miss your laugh and our talks on female emancipation, spirituality and weird people. Eric, I will miss your giggle too. I won’t have anyone to share my Eastern European humor with because, obviously, no one understands it. I wish you both […]