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E.B. White

E.B. White may be most well-known for his beloved books for children, like Charlotte’s Web (DB46839) and Stuart Little (DB31831), but he was also one of the most significant essayists of the twentieth century. White wrote for The New Yorker and Harper’s Magazine, influenced writing styles, and even wrote poetry. His work in Harper’s Magazine […]

Watery Graves: Two Not-So-Scary Books

Every year I struggle to find books this time of year. I love Halloween, but I don’t care to be scared. I was always the kid who cried at the haunted house (and by kid I mean just last year). I try to look for books with the right ambiance for Halloween: dark, mysterious, possibly supernatural but not too frightening. This year I lucked out and found two books that have kept me entertained in the spirit of the holiday without actually causing me sleepless nights.