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Three Parts Dead

Three Parts Dead is a murder mystery, a brilliant court case, and an unrivaled entry into a new world, that of The Craft Sequence.  In this world the currency is soulstuff, the thing that makes beings alive, and it is also the power behind magic, and behind the Gods.  Craftspeople, wizards by any other name, […]

Theodore Roosevelt

The Rise of the Theodore Roosevelt (DB 14168) by Edmund Morris is my current nightcap book.  That is the book I read in bed to gently break my attention from the screen life I live most days.  It is a great book and it’s my second time starting it, and hopefully my first time finishing […]

Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius is probably most commonly famous for being the Emperor that gets killed by a conniving Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator.  This lack of good knowledge of Marcus Aurelius would not surprise him, in fact he would be astonished that we are still reading his private journal, Meditations, almost two millennia later. Marcus was a […]