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Get to Know the Discworld

A librarian who happens to be an orangutan (and likes it that way, thank you very much). An enchanted piece of luggage that follows its owner everywhere, whether he wants it to or not. These are some of the things you’ll encounter in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. The British wit and on-point satire of this […]

Train to Busan

For some reason, I love movies (and books) set in enclosed or cut-off places. For example, The Shining (isolated resort hotel) or The Poseidon Adventure (capsized ship). So when I read about Train to Busan, a zombie movie set entirely on a train, I knew I had to see it. Never mind that zombie movies […]

Sampling the Rich History of Poetry: Part 1

People have been composing poems for thousands of years. As with fiction, the variety is huge, and if you don’t know much about it, it can be intimidating. Where do you start if you want to dip your toe in the poetry pool? I’ve always enjoyed a good poem, but my interest has increased in the last few years. So I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts highlighting some of my favorites.

#PGHReads: The Great American Whatever

After Quinn’s sister, Annabeth, dies in a car accident, he stops going to classes and retreats from society. When summer arrives, all he’s accomplished is stacking up a ton pizza boxes and running out of clean shirts. Dreams of filmmaking classes with his sister have evaporated, but he’s kept the half-finished application. Just as his mother can’t get rid of Annabeth’s expired snacks, he can’t bring himself to part with this last memory.

A Dungeons & Dragons Primer

How do you slay an Owlbear? What is an Owlbear? If you’ve heard of Dungeons & Dragons, but never played, it, you might find yourself asking these questions. Have no fear. I’m here to help with a quick primer on D&D. An Owlbear is exactly what it sounds like, by the way, and it’s far from the weirdest creature a player might encounter.

Cartoons for Adults

Are you an adult who loves cartoons? There are plenty of children’s cartoons that adults can enjoy, but today I want to talk about animated TV shows meant just for grown-ups. Cartoons can be just as engaging as live-action shows, and the format allows them to do things other shows can’t. Most are comedies, but even those can include strong character development and ongoing story lines that beg to be binge watched.