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Eco Literature

Now that the weather is changing and it’s pleasant to be out of doors again, I’m beginning to re-remember what a lovely part of the country we call home! Up until four years ago, I had only ever lived in one of those temperate, wet cities. You know, the ones with no seasons that are […]

Le Guin’s Poetry Urges Us Towards Awareness

Many know Ursula K. Le Guin through her hefty body of science fiction and fantasy work, perhaps The Lathe of Heaven or the well-loved Earthsea series. Others might be familiar with her books on writing, like the beautifully titled Steering the Craft: A Twenty-first Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story, published in 2015. Still others devote themselves to her poetry, and its gently lilting verse. For those unfamiliar with the latter part of her repertoire, Le Guin’s newest collection, Late in the Day, provides a lovely introduction.