#PGHReads: Moonglow by Michael Chabon

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Pittsburgh-native Michael Chabon’s latest novel is an absorbing fictional memoir that is based in large part based on a dying man’s recollections to his writer-grandson as he looks back on his life. Inspired by Chabon’s own deathbed visit to his grandfather in Oakland, California in the 1980s, the author blurs the line between autobiography and outlandish fiction so successfully that the reader has no idea what is true and what’s pure fantasy (although we can hazard a guess at times).

Summer Reading is Serious Business

First of all, I’d like to go on the record as saying that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good beach book. If you want curl up with the latest by John Grisham or Danielle Steel or Paula Hawkins, by all means go for it! Everyone should feel free to read what makes them happy. But tastes vary, and the things that make you happy may not be the things that make me happy. And the things that make me happy are kinda different. So if you’d like to try reading something different this summer, here are a few nonfiction books that are Serious Business.

Summer Reading, Pittsburgh Style!

This year, we’re striving to read 180,000 books for Summer Reading! While ANY books, magazines and graphic novels count toward our goal, some of the books we’re promoting this year have a common theme—the city of Pittsburgh!

A Young Adult Convert

My friends and colleagues know me as someone who didn’t spend much time in the realm of young adult (YA) fiction at the age when that genre should have appealed … Continued

Summer Reading is Here!

School ends, summer vacation begins and suddenly kids are free to play, be outside, go to the pool or do fun things. Here at the library our favorite season is just beginning. That means we are gearing up for Extravaganza and the start of Summer Reading.

Jump in to Summer Reading!

Sunday is the official start of summer for us at the Library and we’ll be celebrating with the 17th Annual Summer Reading Extravaganza! You can join in the reading fun all summer by signing up now on our website or by visiting your favorite Library location.

Summer Volunteering at CLP

Summer is on the horizon and while you’re breaking out your flip flops, stocking up on sunscreen and pondering your Summer Reading goal, don’t forget to add volunteering to your summer bucket-list. The library has lots of ways, both one-time and ongoing, to squeeze in helping others while you enjoy this sunny season.

Celebrate Good Times

With so many things to do around town this week–including Pittsburgh Pride!–it will be hard to browse for books, so here are three LGBTQ-friendly YA picks for your Summer Reading list.