Hey Virtual Party People!

Well folks, I think we’re probably all in agreement that staying at home  is getting a tad stale. I’m the first person to admit that I normally adore my alone … Continued

Uplift with Up Lit

Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Need something uplifting to, well, lift your spirits?  We’ve put together a collection of Up Lit on our OverDrive site.  What is Up Lit, you may ask? In a nutshell, … Continued

2020 Teen Media Awards

The Library is all about the flow of ideas and creativity. You might think of the flow as one directional, following a path from books and materials to their readers. In reality, library users pour their talents, passions … Continued

Cheryl’s Story

After my children had grown, I began looking for a second career and took several free classes at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Job and Career Education Center. I fell in … Continued

Data Detox Week 8: What Comes Next?

In May, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will host The Glass Room, an interactive exhibit examining the ramifications of always-on, always-connected technology on personal privacy. As a lead up to this process, … Continued