East Liberty

EA-12, East Liberty Branch, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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Fully ADA Compliant

Bus Routes

71A, 71B, 71C, 74, 75, 77, 82, 86, 87, 88, 89

All bus routes are subject to change. Please visit the Port Authority of Allegheny County for up-to-date schedules.

Parking Options

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Renovated to include a 9,000-square-foot addition, this large, environmentally friendly space welcomes the East Liberty community through its collections, meeting rooms, children’s area and a dedicated teen space! It’s also home to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Heritage Collection.

  • Public Computers
  • Free Wifi
  • Wireless Printing (small fee may apply)
  • Copier (small fee may apply)
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Air Conditioning
  • Community Garden (seasonal)
  • The Labs
  • Exterior Book Return (for after hours returns)


Latest From the Library

EA-12, East Liberty Branch, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Helping Your Reluctant Reader

Mon., Nov. 28
Some kids just don’t seem interested in books. So, how do you help your child get over their reluctance? Read on for suggestions and books to help your reluctant reader.
EA-12, East Liberty Branch, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

In the Company of Women

Thu., Nov. 10
Grace Bonney’s new book, In the Company of Women, includes gorgeous portraits and snapshot interviews with more than 100 women who are makers, artists, innovators or entrepreneurs. I was immediately interested in picking this up because I knew that many of my favorites were profiled (including Roxane Gay, Neko Case, Kate Bornstien, Janet Mock and Carson Ellis), and I’m glad I nabbed a copy, because, in addition to being a great read, this book introduced me to so many interesting, inspiring women who are now on my radar (Preeti Mistry, Rebecca Wood, Samin Nosrat, Matika Wilbur, Julia Rothman and the list goes on!)

Staff Picks

Bonnie Staff Image

Sex with Shakespeare

Memoirs have become a solid addition to my reading list recently, especially ones focused on human sexuality. Throw in a healthy dose of Shakespeare and I’m hooked. Jillian Keenan has spent her life studying William Shakespeare and his works, she also happens to have a spanking fetish that forms the core of her own sexuality. Growing up with an unstable mother and without any solid…
Amy Staff Image

Black? White! Day? Night! by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Are you looking for a special book for a toddler or preschooler this holiday season?  This concept book could be the perfect choice.  Die cuts in the shapes of rectangles and squares reveal a variety of opposite pairs.  The words in the pairings are the usual suspects- day and night, sad and happy, tiny and huge etc.  It’s the colorful graphic style illustrations that show…