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American Library Association (ALA) Bill of Rights and Equity of Access

The American Library Association affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas, and that the following basic policies should guide their services. Equity of access means that all people have the information they need regardless of age, education, ethnicity, language, income, physical limitations or geographic barriers. It means they are able to obtain information in a variety of formats—electronic, as well as print. It also means they are free to exercise their right to know without fear of censorship or reprisal.

Appropriate Library Behavior

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh provides a pleasant and safe environment for everyone. To that end, everyone is expected to treat the space and one another with civility and respect. Parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring the people in their care conform to this policy, as well. The Library reserves the right to expel any person whose behavior violates this expectation.


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s collections support the educational, leisure reading and general reference needs of the community. Acquisition decisions are based on the utility of the materials to the everyday needs of our customers and the materials’ availability elsewhere.

Computer Use

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh upholds the rights of all library users to read, seek information and speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment, regardless of format or technology. These are fundamental rights in a democratic society and are core values of the Library.

Distributing Public Relations Material at the Library

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) is pleased to support Regional Assets, registered nonprofit organizations and other marketing partners in our region with the following mailing guidelines and library addresses for the distribution of informational/promotional materials. Libraries post and display materials at their own discretion.

Emergency Closing

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh recognizes that inclement weather or other conditions may prevent the Library from opening or may cause it to close early. The Library will close for weather-related emergency conditions whenever the City of Pittsburgh closes during the weekdays.

In the event of severe weather conditions call the Library’s mini-message board at 412.622.3116 and/or listen to radio station KDKA for announcements regarding closing. Media notification is made each day the facilities are to be closed.

Film and Photography

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s express permission is required for any filming or photography in Library buildings. All photography/filming requests, regardless of location, are coordinated by the Library’s Communications & Creative Services Department.

Neighborhood Location Meeting Room Use

As a service to the community, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh provides neighborhood location meeting room space for use by cultural groups, neighborhood and civic organizations, and others engaging in activities of interest and/or benefit to the community.

Online Code of Conduct

At Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, our customers are our priority, and we strive to serve people with care and authenticity. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment as we engage the community in literacy and learning. The Library expects conversations occurring in its online spaces to adhere to a shared culture of mutual respect. While we encourages an open forum, posts and comments are moderated by library staff and it is within CLP’s sole discretion, to hide, remove and/or report submissions or comments that violate this code of conduct. 


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has a strong commitment to protect the privacy of customers who use our services. To provide services, the Library collects and maintains personally identifiable information about customers.

Third-Party Disclaimer for Virtual Events

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and its program partners may use a third-party platform such as ZoomYouTube, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Vimeo, or Facebook Live for the purpose of communication, collaboration, virtual/hybrid programs and outreach, as well as public meetings, including those with or by external organizations. 

Unattended Minors

While every effort is made to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, the Library does not provide supervision for unattended minors in the Library.





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