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The Western Wind Cover Image
The Western Wind
Samantha Harvey


Izzy Gets the F Across Town Cover Image
Izzy Gets the F Across Town
Christian Papierniak (Director)
Mandy Cover Image
Panos Cosmatos (Director)
The Other Side of Hope Cover Image
The Other Side of Hope
Aki Kaurismäki (Director)
Summer 1993 Cover Image
Summer 1993
Carla Simon (Director)
Support the Girls Cover Image
Support the Girls
Andrew Bujalski (Director)
Westwood Cover Image
Lorna Tucker (Director)


A Jewish Celebration Cover Image
A Jewish Celebration
Various Performers
Shtetl Superstars Cover Image
Shtetl Superstars
Various Performers

Staff Picks

Tessa Staff Image

New Speculative Fiction That Covers the Past and Near Future

Two recent books of speculative fiction examine the past and the near future using technologies that purport to help humanity. They raise questions of the nature of happiness and person-hood through compelling characterization and subtle world-building. Mem: A Novel explores a Montreal of the mid 1920s, fully integrating a scientific discovery that allows the wealthy to extract memories that they find too disturbing to relive.…
Stephen Staff Image

Operatives of the Glorious Cause

Much to my delight I found that I was the direct descendant of multiple American Revolutionary War veterans