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The Shape of the Ruins Cover Image
The Shape of the Ruins
Juan Gabriel Vásquez


I Am Somebody Cover Image
I Am Somebody
Madeline Anderson
No Dress Code Cover Image
No Dress Code
Cristina Herrera Borquez
Miss Kiet's Children Cover Image
Miss Kiet's Children
Petra Lataster-Czisch
Smithereens Cover Image
Susan Seidelman


Orquesta Akokán Cover Image
Orquesta Akokán
Orquesta Akokán
Raga Yaman Cover Image
Raga Yaman
Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar
Temet Cover Image
Toubalbero Cover Image
Sidi Touré

Staff Picks

Matt Staff Image

Caddyshack: The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story

In Chris Nashawaty’s Caddyshack: The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story, the Entertainment Weekly film critic chronicles the wild and crazy creation of Caddyshack, one of the most influential comedies of all time.
Beth Staff Image

See What I Have Done

A famous murder is retold through the eyes of the four people closest to crime.