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Hear Me Out: Racial Histories

Systemic racism touches all parts of life and is linked to everything from poverty, to health, to education, to incarceration. It’s a racism that doesn’t rely on racist thoughts or actions from individuals, but rather on the laws, regulations, preferences and power structures that have built up over the centuries, and that continue to harm people of color. Check out these titles to learn more about systemic racism. And if you’d like to discuss these and related issues, the Library is co-hosting a virtual event on Wednesday, May 26 as part of the 'Hear Me Out' Dialogue Series.


My Year Abroad Cover Image
My Year Abroad
Chang-rae Lee
Black Buck Cover Image
Black Buck
Mateo Askaripour
Annie and the Wolves Cover Image
Annie and the Wolves
Andromeda Romano-Lax
How to Order the Universe Cover Image
How to Order the Universe
María José Ferrada


Force of Nature Cover Image
Force of Nature
Michael Polish


Color Theory Cover Image
Color Theory
Soccer Mommy
Ordinary Man Cover Image
Ordinary Man
Ozzy Osbourne
UR FUN Cover Image
Of Montréal