Mt. Washington

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Partially ADA Compliant

Will be fully compliant after 2018 renovation

Bus Routes

40, 43

All bus routes are subject to change. Please visit the Port Authority of Allegheny County for up-to-date schedules.

Parking Options

  • Free
  • Bike

CLP – Mt. Washington is located directly across from one of the scenic overlooks on Grandview Avenue. The Library opened in 1900 and was one of the first of the neighborhood-style libraries built by Andrew Carnegie.

  • Public Computers
  • Free Wifi
  • Wireless Printing – small fee may apply (more info)
  • Copier – small fee may apply
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Air Conditioning
  • Courtyard or Outdoor Space
  • Exterior Book Return (for after hours returns)


Latest From the Library

Throwback Thursday: Ready for Ready Player One

Thu., Jun. 22
If you haven't read Cline's best-selling novel, it takes place in the year 2044 when most of the world is in pretty bad shape (except for Columbus, Ohio—one of the signs that this is a fictional story). Literally everyone is plugged into a virtual reality utopia known as the OASIS. When OASIS creator James Donovan Halliday dies, it’s revealed that he left behind a series of puzzles leading to to a hidden Easter Egg. Whoever finds the Egg will win Halliday’s real-life fortune and control of the OASIS, like if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory took place inside The Matrix.

Staff Picks

Marian Staff Image

What’s Real and What Isn’t Real?: The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn is a psychological thriller in the same vein as Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.  A.J. Finn is the pseudonym of Dan Mallory, a long-time editor of mystery books at William Morrow.  Mallory sees James Patterson as an inspiration for his writing style, especially in regards to short taunt chapters. This book has 99…
Marian Staff Image

You Are What You Carry: What’s in Your Pocket or Purse Right Now?

Abbi Jacobson wants to know what you carry with you in your everyday life.  She is interested in what we can learn about someone by seeing their belongings.  She imagines what some real and fictional people would carry with them on a daily basis.  For example, she pictures that Forrest Gump’s stuff would include a box of chocolates, a smiley face, a ping pong paddle,…