Woods Run

Exterior front entrance of CLP-Woods Run

Curbside Closed Today

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Closed Today

  • Sun. Closed
  • Mon. Closed
  • Tues. Closed
  • Wed. Closed
  • Thurs. Closed
  • Fri. Closed
  • Sat. Closed


  • Fully ADA compliant
  • Accessible main entrance
  • One designated parking space in lot
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Bus Routes

13, 16, 17

All bus routes are subject to change. Please visit the Port Authority of Allegheny County for up-to-date schedules.

Parking Options

  • Free
  • Bike
Interior children's area of CLP-Woods Run

Situated near Riverview Park in the upper North Side, CLP – Woods Run offers vibrant programs for kids, teens and adults, and popular collections of books, magazines, DVDs and music CDs. The Library is truly a gathering space for the community.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all services are available due to public health precautions. Please refer to our Reopening Plan for the most recent information.

Latest From the Library

Exterior front entrance of CLP-Woods Run

Digital Skills Basics: Getting Started With Excel

Mon., Oct. 19
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that you can use to store and handle data. When working with a spreadsheet, you can organize information into columns and rows, and make calculations using the information you enter. You can use Excel to create a household budget, write shopping lists or to calculate a repayment plan for a loan. Whatever your spreadsheet goals, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh…
Exterior front entrance of CLP-Woods Run

COVID-19: Contact Tracing

Wed., Sep. 16
Contact tracing is an important tool in understanding and preventing the spread of COVID-19. It is important to know what a legitimate contact tracer will and will not ask you to avoid scams. Contact tracers work with an infected person to gather names and phone numbers of people they have been in contact with while possibly infected. These tracers will then contact those people “to…