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book cover of The President is Missing

Have you read The President is Missing?

Wed., Aug. 15
Spoilers Ahead. Have you read, or were you still planning to read, The President is Missing (DB 91164) by Bill Clinton and James Patterson as a fun summer vacation page-turner?  It’s been touted as this summer’s must-read thriller.  I think the book fails on most fronts.  For a thriller to be effective, there has to be some basis in reality.  That creates tension.  Certainly cyber…
An adult and child read together.

School Readiness: CLP Can Help!

Mon., Aug. 13
You are your child’s first and most important teacher. The Library is ready to support you as you help your child get ready for school!
Cover of The Fallen


Sun., Aug. 12
Mesdames et messieurs, le Roi! James Patterson is number 1, 3, 4 and 5 on our July Best of BARD list: The President is Missing By Bill Clinton and James Patterson DB91164 / CL17051 A threat so huge that it jeopardizes not just Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street, but all of America. Uncertainty and fear grip the nation. There are whispers of cyber terror and…
Harry otter and the Sorcerer's Stone Book Cover

JK, John and Jim's Magical world.

Thu., Aug. 9
I, like many others in my generation, grew up with the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Every midnight release of the book found me huddled under my sheets till 3 a.m. reading the first few chapters *cough* Half… of the book by flashlight. Every subsequent midnight movie release I would be one of the first in line, standing awkwardly with some form of Ginny…

Labsy Awards 2018!

Mon., Aug. 6
The annual Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Labsy Awards accepts creative work from hundreds of teens all over Allegheny County and submits them to professional judges in seven categories. The variety of art is astounding, and we can't wait to share these creative efforts. Read on to learn more about the Labsy Awards, and how you can join in on the celebration.

You've got a Friend in Me: Reading Buddies at the Library

Thu., Aug. 2
We know how important it is for kids to spend time reading with positive, engaging adults, so Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh invited interested community members to join our crew of dedicated volunteers who support youth literacy. This summer, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh celebrated the three-year anniversary of launching a learning and mentoring program for children called Reading Buddies.
A selection of Anime DVDs

Anime is everywhere!

Thu., Aug. 2
For many many years Main was the only CLP library to have an Anime collection, but this year we've decided to expand into the branches.
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Cover

Theodore Roosevelt

Wed., Aug. 1
The Rise of the Theodore Roosevelt (DB 14168) by Edmund Morris is my current nightcap book.  That is the book I read in bed to gently break my attention from the screen life I live most days.  It is a great book and it's my second time starting it, and hopefully my first time finishing it. I’ve always found Theodore Roosevelt inspiring, and slightly intimidating.…
photo of digital traffic warning sign reading "EXPECT DELAYS"

Going Back in Time

Tue., Jul. 31
Recently, Tor, a top publisher of science fiction and fantasy books and a division of Macmillan, made a surprise announcement regarding a change in their eBook licensing model for libraries. Effective immediately, libraries will no longer be able to purchase eBook copies of new Tor titles until four months after their on-sale date. What does that mean for you? When John Scalzi publishes the next…
Book cover for Killers of the Flower Moon

Join Us for Talking Book Club

Sun., Jul. 29
As a Reader Adviser for the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped I get to participate in a number of great programs. One of my favorites, and one that I get to take part in, is a bi-monthly Talking Book Club. Talking Book Club meets the third Saturday every other month at the Downtown and Business library from 10:30-11:30. Being a part of the…