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Book cover of Good Kings, Bad Kings

Good Kings, Bad Kings – and excellent cast of characters in an engaging novel.

Fri., May. 17
Good Kings, Bad Kings by Susan Nussbaum (DB77648) is the Consumer Health Coalition Bookclub pick for May of 2019.  This is a book written for young adults, but is a very engrossing read about invisible kids who have been shut away.    Most of the book takes place within the walls of a nursing home for kids and teenagers with disabilities, and some have mental health issues…
Mrs. Pagone does her laundry, 1952.

Men’s Work/Women’s Work

Fri., May. 17
Explore the contributions of working women in the 1950s through the Pittsburgh Photographic Library.

Well I am in a hurry...

Fri., May. 10
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (DB 89846) by Neil deGrasse Tyson is an excellent book.  He goes through the entire history of the universe in a brilliant and funny manner.  Mr. Tyson has made great strides in educating people on astrophysics and in this intelligent and packed little book he shows his prowess.  And this is a short book, only 3 hours and 43…
The Book cover for Grit.

Effort Counts Twice

Tue., May. 7
I have a twin sister who constantly gives me great things to include clothes, advice and book suggestions. Our book tendencies are opposite. I lean towards fiction while she leans toward non-fiction. Due to my lack of non-fiction inclination, I always ask her for suggestions which in turn fuels my next listing of recommend books. I’ve finally embraced the suggestions from her and now we…

Something Old Something New, Part 1: Animated Soundscapes

Fri., May. 3
This past fall the Carnegie Library Music Department was approached by CMU professor and musician Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh to host a series of sound installations by her undergraduate students. Annie teaches an awesome class at CMU called Experimental Sound Synthesis (which I really wish I could take!) and past classes have toured the Music Department to familiarize themselves with our Musical Instrument Lending Library. In…

Historical Tours of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main

Thu., May. 2
Before concluding her semester at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh this spring, our Communications and Creative Services Intern, Corinne Hebestreit, participated in one of our historical tours of CLP - Main. Spoiler... she thinks you should, too! You might think you have seen most of Pittsburgh if you live here. However, there is one tour in particular that I think all Pittsburghers should go on, and…

Engaging Audio Books for Preschoolers

Wed., May. 1
Why listen to an audio book with your preschooler when you could just as easily read to them? It's a good question. Listening to audio books together can be fun and engaging. While not a replacement for reading aloud together, audio books can help children to expand their imaginations while practicing important early literacy skills. Audio books are an especially important tool for children who…
Illustration of a woman standing behind a set of neatly stacked cubes

Data Detox Week 8: What Comes Next?

Mon., Apr. 29
In May, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will host The Glass Room, an interactive exhibit examining the ramifications of always-on, always-connected technology on personal privacy. As a lead up to this process, the Library is offering an abridged version of Data Detox, an 8-week series devoted to regaining control over your digital footprint. This is the eighth post in that series. Congratulations! You made it through seven weeks…

Daily Newspapers and more for LBPH Patrons!

Sun., Apr. 28
You may know that the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped offers a handful of audio magazines by mail, but did you know that our patrons are eligible for a service that has over 500 daily newspapers across the country, and 70 magazines? This is through the National Federation of the Blind NEWSLINE service. Patrons can call in to hear their local daily newspapers…