Tips for Reading with a Baby

Did you know that it’s never too early to start sharing books with your baby? Research tells us that the first three years of brain development are critical. When caregivers … Continued

Library Lounge: Cultivating Creativity and Community

Accessing your creativity as an adult can be an exciting prospect – and it can also be overwhelming, intimidating or lonely. Where to start? Explore creative and fun activities with like-minded adults during a Library Lounge program.

The August Wilson Archive

August Wilson (1945-2005) was a Pittsburgh-born playwright best known for his cycle of ten plays referred to as the American Century Cycle that depict the lives and experiences of African … Continued

Celebrate Día

Día is an annual celebration of literacy, culture and diversity. Celebrate Día on April 30 with a stack of good books!

August Wilson Archive

This spring, you can explore the work of World-Renowned Pittsburgh Playwright August Wilson during a six-month, multimedia exhibit in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s August Wilson Archive! Curated by … Continued

Rise: A Feminist Book Project Top Ten

Rise: A Feminist Book Project compiles a list every year of recommended titles for ages 0-18 that contain significant feminist content. The 2023 Top Ten titles highlight issues of labor rights, bodily autonomy, activism, community building, and more.

Luke’s Story

Your support helps showcase local musicians and their work.  “We didn’t have much when I was a kid, not even enough to rent an instrument for school music instruction,” says … Continued