VITAL Funding for Vital Resources

Tue., Jul. 20
Supporting libraries comes naturally for John Gismondi and his family. “Growing up, our family’s home, where my 98-year-old mother still resides, was within walking distance to the Uniontown Public Library, and my siblings and I were regular users. Although neither of my parents were educated beyond high school, they instilled an intellectual curiosity in all of us and it served us well throughout the rest of our lives,” said John. Through their foundation, the Gismondi Family Foundation, John and his wife Lisa have generously supported libraries. In 1995, in honor…
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Beyond Pride Month: LGBTQIA+ History in Its Own Words

Tue., Jun. 29
Just like any of the big monthly celebrations – Black History month, Women’s History month, etc. – Pride month should be a starting point for exploration and interest rather than a self-contained celebration. Here are some suggestions for putting more queer history into your feed and your daily life, along with connections to our collection. 
Graphic of the United States Congress Building

What's a Filibuster?

Mon., Jun. 28
The filibuster has often been a polarizing tactic in the United States Senate, but do you know the origin of this 4-syllable word (Hint: its name comes from the Dutch word for “pirate”)? Check out our latest blog post to learn more about the record-setting uses of the filibuster throughout U.S. history, and why it's such a controversial parliamentary procedure today.
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Countering Political Polarization - Summer and Fall 2021 Virtual Workshops (Braver Angels)

Thu., Jun. 3
Our country has become increasingly polarized over political issues. These FREE workshops will teach you strategies for both listening and speaking with people who have differing political opinions without trying to change anyone’s mind. You will learn and practice skills for having respectful conversations that clarify differences, search for common ground, and affirm the importance of meaningful dialogue. Come to learn new skills (or reinforce…
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Introducing the 2021 CivicCLP Speaker Series!

Wed., May. 19
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and CivicCLP are excited to announce our 2021 speaker series! The CivicCLP Speaker Series features a diverse group of speakers who will inspire, excite and challenge the community with fresh ideas and perspectives on the First Amendment, social and racial justice, news and information literacy, politics and more. Our goal is for these unique presentations to help deepen discussions and inspire…
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Consider Making A Tribute Gift

Tue., May. 18
For those of you with a library lover in your life – I bet gift giving has always been easy. Book, check! Gift card, check! Supporting the neighborhood library that has been part of your family’s life by making a gift their honor? …Hmmm. Wait, did I just unlock new gift giving idea for you?  Giving a gift to the library in honor of someone who…
Graphic of a ballot box with a card saying "Ready, set, vote" going into it. The bubble next to "vote" is filled in.

May 18th is the PA Municipal Primary Election!

Fri., May. 14
It's election season once again! While not as contentious as a presidential election year, there are many local/statewide candidates and ballot questions to be aware of, as these decisions will impact you and your community for years to come.
Acrylic style panting of purple heart positioned above text "Here to Help."

Not Alone: Mental Health Stories and Resources

Fri., May. 14
The past year has put mental health in the spotlight. According to Mental Health America, in 2020, screenings for anxiety and depression increased by 93 and 62 percent respectively. Here are some mental health stories and resources to explore.
Pittsburgh Ready logo

Pittsburgh Ready: Early Literacy, Community and Joy

Wed., May. 5
From 2019-2021, five child care providers across the city of Pittsburgh teamed up with the Library and Quality Coaches from Trying Together to expand early literacy practices. PNC Grow Up Great funding made this collaboration possible. The results, in a nutshell, include joyous relationships, improved learning spaces and new perspectives for everyone involved.