The words, "2021 Black History Month" appear underlined next to three triangles.

African American Writing Families

Thu., Feb. 18
Not only do these families share a talent for writing and illustrating, they also show that creating books is a great way to come together with loved ones. Collaboration is a common thread among all of these family stories. Celebrate Black History Month by reading some of their awesome books with your child. Maybe you’ll even create your own story together!
Person smiling while typing on a laptop with text reading "Digital Literacy"

Digital Skills with DigitalLearn

Thu., Feb. 11
Technology is changing all the time. It’s hard to know where to start when you decide to try something new. Many of us are learning how to access health information online or safely communicate with others so we can quarantine and socially distance. If you’re learning new skills to use technology, the Library is here to support your growth and ability to use these tools. DigitalLearn is a…
book cover of A young Black girl stands in front of flowers and trees with her hands up in the air

Positive Racial Identity Development and Books for Children

Wed., Feb. 10
The act of sharing stories featuring Black characters results in positive racial identity and joy. When Black children see themselves in stories, they can see themselves as important and can experience a sense of belonging.
Teen eating pizza while studying. Photo has an orange filter.

Navigating Post High School Choices

Mon., Feb. 1
However you decide to navigate life after high school, remember that the Library offers ways to have fun, learn and think about new pathways. Here are some resources for considering future options.
Older woman smiling and typing on a laptop

Resolution 2021: Learn a New Language!

Fri., Jan. 29
The new year is here, and since January 1st you may have set some goals you hope to achieve this year. If you hope to learn or practice a new language in 2021, this is a quick guide to how the library can help you get on track! Mango Languages is a web-based language learning program. Mango is offered by subscription, but you can access…

Just the FAQs!

Fri., Jan. 29
Wouldn’t it be awesome if library staff was available to answer questions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week? While we aren’t able to do that, our FAQs are! FAQ is an acronym for “Frequently Asked Questions.” It’s a list of answered questions that a lot of people have asked, or we anticipate a lot of people will be asking. This is available to…