Neighborhood Location Meeting Room Use

This page lists the guidelines for using Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) meeting room space. All situations may not be covered by the information below. For specific questions not covered by this list, please contact your local library staff. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in loss of meeting room privileges.

NOTICE: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will be undergoing an extensive reevaluation of our Neighborhood Location Meeting Room, Lecture Hall and Auditorium use. We will take into account suggestions from staff and patrons on how to better represent our community, and prevent the use of our space that does not follow our Strategic Plan ideals and Meeting Room Use Guidelines. We welcome your suggestions, views, opinions and thoughts on what you would like to see changed in regards to meeting room use. Your input will be helpful in our re-evaluation. Please bear with us during this process. We appreciate your patience.

Who can use meeting room spaces?

  • Preference is given to library-related activities and then to local community-based non- profits.
    • Non-profits include: grass-roots neighborhood and community groups and groups with a 501(c)3 designation including, but not limited to, those which are charitable, educational or literary or which are focused on public safety.
    • For-profit includes companies, organizations and individuals who are not exempt from taxes.
    • Political campaign groups are considered for-profit and are also subject to guidelines spelled out in CLP’s solicitation policy.
  • Use by youth (under the age of 18) is permitted if a parent or legal guardian signs the Facility Use Application and accepts responsibility for fees, damages, etc. A responsible adult must be present in the Library during the use of the meeting room by youths or youth groups.
  • Children are welcome to attend meetings. All children should be under adult supervision other than library staff.
  • Meeting rooms may be requested for quiet study by individual library patrons. These requests are granted on an available basis and is done at the discretion of location staff. Requests may not be made in advance. Those using the room for quiet study may be asked to complete a Facility Use Application.

How can meeting space be used?

  • Meetings must be for purposes consistent with the goals and objectives of CLP. These include the meeting of community information needs, individual enrichment, and the support of the educational, cultural, civic, and recreational activities of the community.
  • All free meetings must be open to the public.
  • Activities, including excessive noise, that disturb or impede normal library functions are not permitted.
  • Meeting advertisements, signs and posters placed anywhere in the building must be approved by the Library Services Manager. Political campaign signs may not be posted.
  • CLP does not permit the serving of alcohol by groups using branch meeting rooms.
  • No group is permitted to use the Library as its headquarters or use the Library as its mailing address.
  • Use of CLP’s meeting rooms does not constitute CLP’s endorsement of viewpoints expressed by participants in the Activities should not be publicized as to imply that CLP sponsors, co-sponsors or endorses them.  All advertisements in any form must contain the phrase: This program or event is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
  • Use of CLP grounds is permitted only for CLP-sponsored events or those in which CLP is a partner.

When can meeting space be used?

  • Meetings must be booked through the Facilities Use Application.
  • Facilities are booked according to Meetings must begin and end during the location’s regular open hours.
  • Recurring reservations are accepted for no more than three months at a time.
  • CLP reserves the right to limit an organization’s frequency of use so that all eligible groups have an opportunity for access to meeting rooms.
  • CLP reserves the right to substitute facilities with 24 hours notice to affected groups.

What equipment is available in meeting room space?

  • All set-up, including seating and/or furniture arrangements are the responsibility of the user. Users must return the seating and/or furniture to the original configuration when activity is over.
  • No personal property may be stored on the premises.
  • Groups using meeting facilities may bring equipment for their own use during meetings. CLP assumes no responsibility for any equipment, supplies, or materials that are brought into CLP sites, or for items that are reported lost, stolen or left behind by any group or individual that is sponsoring or attending the meeting.

How much does meeting room space cost?

  • Non-profit neighborhood and community groups are able to use meeting room facilities during regular Library hours at no charge. A non-profit group charging admission or otherwise collecting funds or donations is charged as a for-profit group at $60 an hour.
  • Groups using meeting rooms for social gatherings are charged at the for profit rate.
  • Fees are due at the time the lease is signed.
  • Special fee structures apply to both for-profit and non-profit organizations for use of CLP-Homewood’s Auditorium, whether CLP-Homewood is open or closed.
  • In some branch facilities, light refreshments, such as cookies and coffee may be served in the meeting room. This requires advance approval of the Library Services Manager. Refreshments, utensils and supplies—in addition to room clean-up after the activityare the responsibility of the group. Additional cleaning fees may apply when renting CLP- Homewood’s Auditorium.
  • CLP staff may assess fees if the meeting room is found in disarray. Groups are responsible for any damages to the facility, the furnishings and/or equipment. Charges for damages are determined by CLP.
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