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Third-Party Disclaimer for Virtual Events 

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and its program partners may use a third-party platform such as ZoomYouTube, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Vimeo, or Facebook Live for the purpose of communication, collaboration, virtual/hybrid programs & outreach, as well as public meetings, including those with or by external organizations. 

These services may collect personally identifying information about participants that may include names, usernames, email addresses, and other information about participants’ identities and activities. Each of these services are governed by their own privacy policies, which may be found at the above links. 

Individuals who participate in virtual events and meetings acknowledge that they are doing so outside of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh domain and agree that they will not hold the Library liable for any collection or use of their personal identifying information by such platforms.

Individuals who attend virtual events hosted or sponsored by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh are subject to the Library’s Online Code of Conduct. Those violating Library rules on acceptable behavior may be removed from the event without notice or compensation and prohibited from attending other Library events. 

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